Women aren’t vending machines, and men aren’t ATM’s.

If you ever catch yourself thinking these thoughts… of which I am guilty of at times… you are likely not ready for a dating relationship and should take some time off;

“wow he split the bill, why didn’t he simply pay for the first date? Cheapskate.”

“This seems like a mediocre restaurant to take me for a first date.”

“Hmm… I think i need someone with a higher income, he’s only making 60k at his age”


“Wow, I paid for the first date and she wouldn’t even kiss me goodnight.”

“I can’t believe she’s STILL withholding sex after our third date”

“I can’t give her any investment or commitment until I know exactly what the sex will be like”

BOTH of these attitudes are detrimental to a longlasting relationship. BOTH of these attitudes are a way of keeping score and serving your own needs.

You are a stranger to each other in the beginning stages of dating, it will involve some sacrifice. Marinating in bitterness because someone isn’t treating you to a 5 star experience when you have a 2 star personality is insufferable behaviour. You aren’t entitled to someones generosity, and they aren’t entitled to your body. You are entitled to find a new partner who is better suited, but judging their character based on what they chose not to give you is a crummy way to look at other people.

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