Why is travel such a big deal to people in dating?

I struggle with this a lot. I like to travel, but it’s not a big deal to me. A couple times a year is fine. I have an active passport I use once every year or two. I travel fork work one a year and do a few other trips myself. It isn’t however, a big huge deal to me. It’s just kind of nice, like going out to eat? I like doing weekends away and stuff too.

But in dating you’d think travel is the #1 most important super awesome only thing that matters. The way people go on about it on dates. I’ve also had people get up in my face and tell me I’m not ‘worldly’ enough for them or that I don’t ‘really travel’ and other sorts of nonsense. Like, I’m sorry I didn’t go to Vietnam for a month, I didn’t know that was a requirement to date someone?

It’s kind of rubbing me the wrong way now. Like I see someone talking about ‘loving travel’ as a negative now. But it’s also super common and like 90% of what anyone I meet wants to talk about. I feel like it’s killing my dating life. The last couple of people I was hitting it off with went goofy when the topic came up and I was really turned off. Esp. with all these ‘pent up’ travelers from the pandemic. I don’t feel pent up at all, a year or two delay for some trips is NBD to me.

I’ve also broken up with several gfs over this issue. One because she never wanted to ever leave the hotel room, another because she was super bitter about us staying on budget (by like 1000s of dollars), and another because when she found out I had savings for a house, she started nagging me incessantly we should spend it all on traveling together and planning these five figure vacation plans and presenting them to me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m becoming an asshole about this? But it just seems crazy to me you’d be broke/in debt for the sake of going on trips. But it does seem like a big incompatibility issue to me or I guess a red flag?

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