Why is it a red flag if an adult never had been in a relationship before?

As the title it is, I don’t get it because if a person had been in many unhealthy, unfulfilled relationships or staying because they didn’t want to be “alone.” That’d not be a red flag to potential partners.

Why is that a red flag if a person never had a boyfriend/girlfriend?? You don’t know their whole story. They may not settle for less, so that shows that they are okay with being alone and they aren’t desperate. They just haven’t met a person who they felt bonded with yet. Maybe they had no luck in finding the right person.

Just because I don’t have relationship experience does not mean I’m clueless or I don’t know how to spot red flags. I know how to tell when a guy likes me or what red flags are. If you think a person with relationship experience knows what they are doing, why do you think they ended up in another unhealthy relationship? Why did they jump from relationship to relationship? Why hasn’t they learned to leave when they realized it was an unhealthy relationship? Why didn’t they learn anything from their past relationships??

That’s why I don’t get if you think a person who had no relationship experience is a red flag meanwhile a person who had been in relationships isn’t a red flag. Can you please explain? Also, finding love is rare.

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