Why do people rarely look like their photos from the apps and think it’s going to do them favours?

EDIT: She got super needy all day when I was working and she sent me a really provocative pic with clevage saying “you like? Shame about my face though I know” and I told her not to be so self deprecating, and she told me if I didn’t give her a compliment I’m not getting a second date so I told her what I thought and and I’m blocked hahaha

I [28M] went on a walking date with someeone [F23] yesterday, her photos were very flattering, and not that it’s important but she had a full body pic and she looked quite slender, busty etc, when I met her in person she was very overweight, and her face looked almost nothing like her pics, some very subtle similarities. She was good chat, good company, but after the date she asked me why I didn’t kiss her goodbye, I reminded her that we are in lockdown and gotta be careful etc and she kept asking me if I found her attractive and I told her she has nice eyes and cool hair (still true!) then she said “wow it’s like pulling teeth trying to get compliments from you” so I was honest I said “I don’t mean to sound rude but your instagram doesn’t really reflect how you actually look” and she basically confessed “I very carefully take my photos to make myself look beautiful, it feels empowering” like what the fuck? See I thought her sense of humour was great, good chat, but anyone else find it a huge red flag if they can’t be honest with you on how they actually look?

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