Why do men find me more attractive than women?

I’m not saying this is true in every case, but generally, in my experience, primarily men have found me to be physically attractive. This is odd, considering I am a male myself, but nevertheless comfortable with my sexuality (heterosexual).

It typically goes like this: a man will compliment my looks, tell me I’m handsome or will do well in the dating game, and then compliment me on my dressing sense. But women pay me no mind. As a matter of fact, when I do speak with women, and in a friendly way (I don’t actively seek romantic partners — it’s never my intention) they tend to ignore me after a while.

Why do you think this is? I can make friends with guys easily, and they seem to think I’m fine, but even seeking friendly encounters with women is difficult. Is it because I’m unattractive? Or are the males in my life who compliment me just have an overdone opinion on who I am?

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