why are guys so insistent on being sent selfies by girls they’re talking to? Are they just trying to build masturbation material?

hi I’m not sure if this belong here, but I wasn’t really sure where else to ask.

So I’m (22f) talking to a guy (22m) I met on bumble. he’s fairly attractive and he seems interested in me so I’m considering meeting up for a date (we’re both vaccinated). However, he’s borderline pushy about me sending him snaps of myself. We haven’t spoken in person so idk if it’s all lighthearted or if it’s a little more aggressive than that. He hasn’t asked or insinuated that he wanted nudes (which I would definitely be uncomfortable w if he asked), just that he thinks I’m pretty and wants to see more pictures of my face. but like why is he so insistent? My profile has plenty of pictures of me, and I guess I could get the idea of trying to weed out catfishes I guess but like even when he does snap me back, he has like a fraction of his face in frame or just sends text messages back.

another more general question, I guess, and not to be crude, but do guys ask for these pictures specifically as masturbation materials? This isnt the first guy that’s been this insistent about me constantly sending him snaps of myself, and in the past when I’ve tried to ask why they were so insistent, there usually wasn’t an explanation, rather just them getting weirdly upset or switching the subject.

Sorry if I sound ignorant, but genuinely curious. I tend to be bad about being confrontational when I’m uncomfortable and even more so when I don’t entirely know what’s going on. All thoughts and advice is appreciated 🙂

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