Where to Meet Decent Women

Where to Meet Decent Women in 2021

The obvious place for where to meet decent women in 2021 is on a dating site or app, but that’s not the only place to meet good women.

But just before we get into the list of where to meet decent women there’s some good news, fellas!

In the USA, single adults now outnumber married adults for the first time since they started tracking this info in the mid 70s.

This means there are actually way more single women available than ever before, you just have to know where to find the good ones.

Stick with me to the end and I’ll give you the best place to meet women and the worst places!

Let’s explore…

Since you already guessed dating sites, let’s look at which dating sites are the best for finding a good woman.

Dating Sites / Apps

The more info you have to put in just to get your profile set up the more likely you’ll find good women who are willing to commit to a bit of work to find her Mr. Right.

The most popular and most successful site for matching people up that result in real life relationships is match.com.

Other good sites are:
  • eHarmony, a bit more values based (you can’t get on if you’re separated but not divorced)
  • EliteSingles, for those with some smarts or at least a post-ed degree
  • Zoosk, for those of varied desires

Remember, online dating is like dumpster diving for diamonds, it takes a lot of work and filtering through the rubbish to find a gem.

Stick around to the end for the worst dating sites/apps!


I cannot provide a list of where to meet decent women without including this idea!

A woman who gives unselfishly of her time to a cause for nothing but the big feels in return is a keeper!

Unless she on community duty—yo!

But otherwise, if she’s just a kind hearted giver, well that’s the kind of girl to get.

Choose a place to volunteer that means something to you personally, be it—

  • Animal shelters
  • Food bank or other services for the less fortunate
  • Environmental groups (Gretas need love, too)
  • Local community
  • Cancer events

Adult Classes

Women who sign up for continuing education tend to be women who want to better themselves.

Bettering herself is a sign of having reasonable standards for yourself and not being a Lazy Lisa.

If you meet a woman in an adult class, she’ll assume the same of you and you’ll have something in common to bond over.



Go to classes where the ratio of women to men is in your favour.

You might meet a good woman in an outdoor survival studies class but you’ll be competing with all the other Paul Bunyan’s in the class—and maybe even a few lesbians!

Yes, that was probably politically incorrect but also true. (Shrugs.)

Instead, try classes in —

  • Cooking (every woman loves a man who can cook)
  • Art (paint, sculpt, photography)
  • Dance (there’s never enough fellas at these classes)

Choose something that requires you to gather in person if possible, or at least allows you all to have each others’ contact info should you want to get together outside of classes.

Getting together in real life is still possible! You just have to be mindful of the rules in your area.

I figure if we’re allowed to stand in line with strangers at Costco or Walmart, we can go for a walk with a new friend or have a physically distanced coffee with them.

You decide what works for you.

If you’re not comfy meeting a lot of new people in person, use Skype, Zoom or FaceTime until you’re both comfy enough to meet in person.

Which brings us to…


MeetUp is a website for, you guessed it, meeting up!

You can join a group or start your own and there’s no limit to what type of groups are available.

For the purpose of meeting good women, I suggest joining or hosting a group open to both genders but specifically for singles.

Such as (I’m making these up but some might exist)—

  • Hiking groups for singles
  • Tennis club for singles (or racketball or whatever sport you dig that allows for co-ed)
  • Foodie Fridays for singles
  • Book club for singles
  • Whatever else you can think of!

Coffee Shops

Since I go to coffee shops all. the. time. I simply cannot exclude this one from my where to meet decent women list! ????

Coffee shops are still one of my favourite places to meet new people, but the key is you have to go alone and stay awhile.

Grabbing a coffee to go and bolting like summer basil will not give you the opportunity to meet any women never mind good women.

Just today I met Nick in a coffee shop.

The place was full so he asked if I minded if he sat at my table (there was a 6’ distance), so I said sure.

It didn’t take Nick long to ask for my number, but I declined not just because Nick is 82 years young, which is out of my preferred age range, but his quip about liking “to f*ck,” was out of my “be a class act” range. (Though it did make me laugh.)

Poor Nick.

Other places to meet good women, the rapid round…

  • Dog park (if you have a dog or can borrow one)
  • Campus (if you attend or know someone who does)
  • Friends (you’ve got to have some, maybe go to college)
  • Work (home office? Consider co-work spaces—hint: you might make some friends there #bonus)
  • Exercise classes (if/when you can, but wait until you’re a regular to approach women)
  • Health retreat (local or out of town; if/when you can, short duration = approach stat, time is of the essence)
  • Produce aisle in winter (she be healthy)
  • Farmer’s markets (women are more friendly in open spaces)
  • Public park in summer (women are more friendly in open spaces— safety first!)
  • Book stores (esp if in the self-development or business section)

And if none of the above are decent options in your ‘hood, go to a better ‘hood!

By far, at least right now because of the limitations, the best place to meet good women is on reputable dating sites mentioned earlier.

And the worst places to meet good women are…

  1. Tinder! (Or any other swipe left/right platform built for image-oriented only and lazy peeps.)
  2. Bars and nightclubs! (Oh, you’ll meet women a’ight but they won’t be high quality!)

The best and worst place to meet women is …

(Drum roll)

… Vegas, baby!

Easy to meet easy women in Vegas!

So go for a good time but don’t expect a long time with any of the ladies you meet there.

But I will say, if you need confidence, Vegas is a good place to practice talking to women.

And if you do consider online dating, definitely watch my quick but comprehensive video providing the best tips for online dating that will instantly make you stand out to good women!

What’s that, you don’t have a problem talking with women but you think you’re boring?

That one’s easy: Get my WakeUP2Luv program and do the “in the real world” homework. It works if you do the work.

xo AJ

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