When they are genuinely interested, you’ll know.

So many posts on this board with people asking for advice on how to carefully play a situation. I wonder how many of those situations actually go on to play out in a positive way, or just end up turning into the typical ghosted/shit show scenatio. If you have to carefully plod around and make sure not to make even the slightest mistake, not even once, I’m sorry but that person probably isn’t that into you and you share little in common besides maybe a baseline attraction to each other.

When two people are on the same page and have that shared interest in each other, if one person stops messaging, the other picks things up. You don’t have to struggle to find stuff to talk about because you have so many shared values that you WANT to talk constantly at first. You will have long and deep conversations that have both sides writing equal amounts and bouncing off of each other.

I understand not every situation is the same, but when you meet somebody you genuinely have a vibe with, it’s different.

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