When a guy asks me to send him photos, it’s such a turn off…

I get it, you’re scared of getting catfished, but you know what.. I am too. The three photos you uploaded on your profile are all blurry and taken in 2013 – but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we’ve had great conversations, and I’d still like to get to know you in person. I always try to meet someone within a few days of matching for this very reason.

I can’t help but think it’s a little childish when men ask me to send them additional photos? I don’t have social media and the thought of putting myself out there gives me anxiety! The 9 unfiltered photos I put on my profile should be enough to get an idea and it’s all I’m comfortable with putting online for thousands of strangers to see.

I’m a little disappointed because there’s a pattern with the type of men who asks me for “selfies”, they’re always the ones that try to get me to their apartment after our date. Or they’ll start sending sexually explicit texts and call it flirting.

I have the ick… I don’t even wanna meet him anymore.

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