What Even the Best Dating Apps Miss About Finding Local Love

Today, there are hundreds of dating apps designed to meet every possible fancy. Except one. Our previous post explored on the “Science of Attraction.” There was a disconnect between what apps offer and what users want. There is something even the best dating apps miss about finding love. Apps offer dating features, users want relationships.

We want to understand what leads users to feel dating fatigue and discontent while using glorified “hookup” apps. Then, we pursue the missing features that few apps offer and make these dating apps work better.

So, What do most dating apps miss about finding love?

In a study of single dating app users, they commented that others on the app just weren’t looking for something serious. They felt that others on the app weren’t looking for a relationship; they were looking for hookups.

This hearkens to our point that in this game of love, there are really two kinds of apps: dating apps vs. relationship apps. (In short, one produces lots of superficial dates; the other creates lasting connection.) But what’s shocking is that 60% of users were looking for a serious connection.

Let’s understand these two complaints together. There must be something wrong with how apps curate users that makes them seem superficial and uncommitted. Because, when 30% of users say a focus on hookups is a major drawback, we must look in the mirror.

This means a space carves itself out for apps like Comely, an app focused on creating chemistry and connection. Through specific features, it is possible to turn a hookup environment into a real dating platform.

Lies and More Lies

The other big complaint users have is that these apps lack reality. 12% of users say the apps don’t seem real enough. The whole thing feels unnatural and weird.

Part of this is that users lie. 58% of users said they found dishonesty while getting to know someone. People misrepresent themselves, and these apps help them do it.

Don’t waste your time

Small talk. Photo fakery. And, wasted time spent playing on your phone for non-serious meeting offers. It all adds up. It’s time that these apps started implementing features that cut down on the lack of reality. This is what even the best dating apps miss about finding local love!

A new look at relationship apps

One such app, Comely, is doing things a little differently. With features like Outfit of the Day (no filter needed) and place-based suggestions, you can discover places to go and arrange to meet people who are currently there in a snap.

You won’t find any surface-level questionnaires here. We leave that to in-person conversations. Like other apps, you can see who admires you and spread love online. The app actually suggests users who are available for connection in-person. Check it out and let us know what you think in the review section. Download on App Store or Google Play Store.

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