What do guys do with female friends?

I got a girl’s number a while ago, and upon messaging her asking if she wanted to meet up she was upfront and said she wasn’t interested in dating anyone right now, but would love to hang out as friends.

I thought “fair enough”, as I’d imagine often people need breaks from dating. I also reckon being able to meet up and talk to a girl without the pressure of trying to impress her would be rather refreshing. However, I don’t really know what sort of things that a guy and a girl can do platonically without it being awkward. Is it possible to go out for drinks or go to a movie without romantic interest, or as those sorts of things reserved exclusively for the dating scene to the point where trying to do them as friends is just weird? Should anything we go to be one with other people as well? (Ie, if we went out for drinks should I/her make sure to invite other people?) I want to do this normally, is all I’m saying, but I kinda lack the experience to know what to do, per se.

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