What are natural treatments for herpes virus?

Herpes simplex is a virus that has no medicinal cure. However, there are things a person can do when they experience HSV-1 or HSV-2 outbreak. Cold sores are the main herpes symptoms. Herpes viruses are of two types. The type 1 virus forms the cold sores. But rarely HSV-1 will cause sores near the genital area, and the type 2 will cause sores near the mouth.

time and the period of the outbreak may differ. Some people get annual herpes,
and the others might get four to five herpes outbreak a year. Whatever the
outbreak is and whenever it comes, you can rely on the natural herpes treatment
for fast recovery. It will give you relief from these instant outbreaks. It
will control the severe outbreaks and decrease the effects. Don’t worry about
the increase in herpes symptoms as
the natural herpes treatment helps
in suppressing it.

When do the cold sores appear?

cold sores can turn up at the most inappropriate moments. They can appear when
you are having a party to attend or an important meeting. They are painful and
oozing. They are known as fever blisters. It can form near your lips with small
fluid-filled lesions. They can be itchy, tingling and also burn.

There are no proper cures for avoiding the formation of the cold sores and also removing them. However, they are caused by infectious viruses and can be treated with antiviral remedies.

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cold sores will get a week to heal. However, the initial cold sore will get
longer to heal. If you want to remove the cold sore quickly, then try using the
natural herpes treatment before they
appear. If you are prone to more periodic cold sores, then try out more than
one natural treatment to lessen the ill effects of the sores.

The excellent antiviral natural

and immune-boosting remedies can work excellently to control herpes symptoms. Some remedies are
effective to control the herpes symptoms, and others ease the pain or
discomfort. Every home remedy may not treat the symptoms. However, you can try
to find out which works best for you.

Warm compress

balms with lemon extract can prevent the development of cold sores. Lemon tea
compresses can ease the discomfort or further development of cold sores. A warm
compress can help to minimize the pain and swelling of a cold sore.

Cool compress

ease the pain, you can also try out ice cube compress. Use a clean cold
compress to reduce the swelling of cold sores.

Apply the paste

cornstarch or baking soda paste can help in drying out lesions. When the lesion
dries out the pain reduces and relieves itching. You can dip a cotton ball in
the paste and apply it in the affected area to see the results.

Changes in diet

immune-boosting food helps the body fight against the herpes virus. The diet
change also includes avoiding certain food items. Researchers strongly suggest
that changing the diet can prevent a herpes outbreak.

Antioxidant containing vegetables

vegetables that contain sufficient antioxidants can prevent future outbreaks.
Kale, cauliflower, spinach and tomatoes are Antioxidant-rich vegetables that
can minimize inflammation. They also contain specific amino acids that can help
to suppress the symptoms of the herpes virus.

The important vitamins

  • Omega 3 fatty acids can help the immune system to fight against
    inflammatory conditions. Mackerel, chia seeds, salmon and flaxseed, are rich in
    omega 3.
  • Vitamin c can efficiently speed up the process of healing
    herpes. Also, it may help to prolong the time between every outbreak. Orange,
    bell pepper, strawberries, papaya and mango are rich in vitamin c.
  • Protein is a vital element that can fight against deadly
    pathogens. Eggs, almonds and oats are low-fat saturated protein items.
  • Zinc can prolong the period between every outbreak. Lamb, pork,
    chickpeas are rich in zinc supplements.
  • Vitamin b complex is a crucial substance that can cure or heal
    the symptoms of herpes. Vitamin-rich food items such as spinach, broccoli, eggs
    and green beans that can help you to fight against the virus.


Specific probiotic supplements help to fight against the effects of the herpes virus. Probiotic contains vital elements such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus that helps in good immune system functioning. Curd is one probiotic item that can help you fight herpes.

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Essential oils to prevent Herpes symptoms

  • Aloe Vera has wound healing properties. Aloe Vera gel is an
    effective home remedy to ease the inflamed cold sore pain. Aloe vera can also
    make the blistered area smooth and normal.
  • Tea tree oil has antiviral substances that can be effective to
    cure the symptoms. This oil can be diluted when used for genital or cold sore
  • Hazel oil contains rich anti-inflammatory properties. It can be
    diluted and used for irritation related to a cold sore.
  • Chamomile and ginger oil can have soothing effects on the herpes
    cold sore. This oil is effective to treat HSV-2 herpes.


The above mentioned natural therapies can be very effective for some. However, they cannot be an alternative to clinical treatment. Therefore, try out all the remedies to find which works the best for you.

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