Very curious, men would you be happy recieving flowers and/or stuffed animals as a gift in a relationship?

Kinda nervous, this is my first post..

Recently I read a post about a young lady explaining how she recently posted in a thread, “men would you be happy recieving flowers?” She got a lot of positive repsonses from men saying they would be very happy to receive flowers as gifts. The young lady also said in one of her college classes she asked a young man “what his favorite flower?” was and he had a huge smile on his face and answered her.

So i am also wondering if the same could be said about stuffed animals? Because society usually always have the men giving the flowers and stuffed animals to the women,but i was thinking, wouldnt men like to be gifted those to every now and then?

Thank you in advance!

So yeah! Men how would you feel if you were given a flower or stuffed animal? Even more so if it was a stuffed animal, which animal would you really be happy about recieving?

How about weird plushies? Like for example a beer pillow plush? Or food one?

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