URGENT: my hairy legs and I need your moral support

I have a date. A coffee date. With a really hot lawyer. I’m currently sitting here waiting for him, trying viciously not to induce sweat stains…

I was running short on time this morning and threw on my capri style jeans. As I pulled my pants on, I felt the dreaded rub of jeans going against the grain of hair. No, not a cute stubble… like the lawn after the first spring rain. Already committed to the outfit, I had a mild panick as I realized that there was no turning back. So I did the thing, the thing that we have all done at some point in our lives (or at least I’m hoping I’m not alone on this one) and I shaved my ankles. Just my fucking ankles.

Send love, send good vibes, send prayers, send whatever you send, because I’m gonna need it.

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