Update to me getting ghosted

So I made a post a little while ago and to my surprise, it blew up when I checked it the next day. I basically went on a really great date, we texted after and she was telling me how she had a lot of fun and wanted to meet again too, and then all of a sudden, nothing.

I got a lot of great advice from here and wanted to share an update.

I took some people’s advice which was to wait a few more days and then send a quick follow up message. I sent a quick “how are you” to which I didn’t get a response for another day. She then sent me a message telling me that she was sorry for not responding sooner. She thought I was a great guy but doesn’t think this is what she wants right now because she has school and will be moving away once covid was over. She was sorry for leading me on.

I basically told her I understand and respect her decision. There was no hard feelings on my end and I’m disappointed because I did really like her but I can definitely accept it. This is where things get a little iffy. I think I went a little too far with what I said next but I kinda threw a hail mary because I really did like her. I told her if she did like me and if she really was just worried about the future as she says she is that I would always be willing to try and see where things go. I didn’t have any expectations but all I know is I liked her and I wanted to get to know her more; we can see where it goes and deal with stuff as it comes up. Otherwise, I told her not to worry because I understand and wished her nothing but the best.

This is where it surprised me a little. I know I got a little pushy but I thought I was still pretty respectful but she went and deleted/blocked me on EVERYTHING. She even deleted our spotify playlists which seemed like it was going a little far.

I’m glad that I got some closure. I’m a little bummed out but honestly, I’m surprisingly fine with it. It just caught me offguard and seemed like a complete 180 because things were going so well and she seemed like a really sweet person who wouldn’t just ghost and block me.

To add onto what everyone said, I know I’m not supposed to put all my eggs into one basket but that’s just how I am. I’ll talk to girls but once I find one I’m interested in, I’ll stop talking to the rest. You can call me a sucker or whatever you want and I know that’s not how OLD works but it’s how I like to do things. As some said, I wear my heart on my sleeve and that leads me to getting hurt easily but I’d rather get hurt than to be the one who hurt someone else. A lot of people were telling me this isn’t how things work and that’s not how you should approach OLD but at the end of the day, that’s just who I am and when I find the right girl, she’d be okay with it so I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. While I was getting ghosted by this girl, a barista at the starbucks I go to everyday actually found me online and we started talking. We’re going on a date this coming weekend so I guess when one door closes, another really does open!

Anyways, I made this post because I wanted to thank everyone for their advice. I had a lot of people reach out and give me very good insight. I just wanted to give everyone an update on what ended up happening.

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