tired of being objectified

i know this is going to get downvotes. i just want to vent. i’m average looking in my opinion, people have said i’m attractive. i’m naturally posed in my pictures, they’re just regular pictures. i think i’m talking to a decent guy and we have a good conversation. then the conversation always goes towards him being horny and wanting to see my body and start talking about certain features. i barely even know this person. i just want someone to see me for who i am as a person not for my body. i just want someone to like my personality, my mind and my thoughts, values. yes physical attraction is important but dating someone goes beyond that. in the end they’re just here for my body and looks and nothing else. im sorry if this comes off weird or cocky or anything. not trying to be cocky. it’s tiring , it feels like i’m getting used even though i don’t comply to it and happens so often with almost every guy i encounter.

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