Tips and Advice for Senior Dating

Dating at times could present some challenges to new dating partners. In addition to these challenges, seniors dating often present more challenges of its own. The divorce rate in the United States is nearly 50 per cent. Seniors can easily find a new dating partner because no senior should be lonely. Life could be very boring when one is lonely. Here are some senior dating tips to help you start all over again with your first senior date.

How Confident are you?

One very important thing that all seniors must do is to increase their level of confidence. To appeal to other seniors, you must increase your self confidence because if you are not sure of yourself, it could be difficult to create a positive image of yourself to others. People are usually attracted to confident persons. Often some seniors may develop negative feelings and perceptions of the value of relationships based on their past life experiences. To meet and attract new senior dating partners, that negativity must give way to a more positive and confident personality.

Tips for your first date

Meeting your date for the first time could cause some tension and nervousness for both partners. It is understandable that both seniors may be nervous, but you can cease the opportunity to turn such nervousness into a joke that will help you and your dating partner to have a good laugh. To break the ice you can generate a joke and some laughs when you say something like, “I have not experienced this level of nervousness since my first date when I was 17 year old. This will definitely trigger a laugh for you and your dating partner, after which much of the nervousness would have dissipated.

Conversations on your first date

The importance of good conversation on your first senior date could not be understated. You should equip yourself with good and interesting conversation topics to capture and engage the attention of your partner. One good topic would be to ask your senior dating partner about the kinds of things that interest them and they love to do. This is a very important question that will open up a very informative conversation with your date. Through this conversation and question about what they love to do at their spare time, you will learn so much about your partner’s interests and things they love. Other topics for your first senior date could include:

  • Their most delicious dishes and restaurants- Food is a great conversation topic for all seniors. Many love to cook delicious meals and you may find out that both of you may love similar dishes. That in itself increases bonding between the two of you over time.
  • Travel experiences and destinations they love to travel to-Very important topic because many seniors love traveling to see places they never had the opportunity to visit earlier. Seniors like cruises and before you know it you will strike a deeper relationship between the two of you over a possible travel destination of interest to both of you.
  • Exercise and fitness routines-this can help both of you discover many common grounds between the two of you. More common grounds between the two of you will likely increase chances of engagement of your partner in different fun activities.
  • Family life- talk about fun with Kids and grand kids, stay away from discussing previous relationships and what went wrong, these are turn offs and negative conversations which will quickly change moods.

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