This 3-Step “Kiss Close” Gets Her to Kiss You! (Video)

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I know a way to get a girl to kiss you at the end of every first date you go on.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it puts her in control, which women these days really love.

And the best part is, it never fails. Seriously, this has never not worked for me.

Hi, I’m David Dupree, and as part of my new series, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions related to sex and dating.

And today, I want to show you the truth about closing with a woman–what works, what doesn’t, and how to get her to lean in and kiss you (yes, not the other way around) every single time.

Because honestly, if you follow the right steps… and get some practice under your belt…

… then it’s a LOT easier than you may realize.

So let’s get started!

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

David here, had a question from Adam.

He says, “David I have a problem. I can’t close. I go on plenty of dates with girls, and it seems they’re interested in me, when I try to kiss them at the end of the night, they either turn their cheek or they go for the hug. So I’ve never been able to work up the courage to ask them back to my place. How can I get laid? What’s the best way to get a girl to come back to my place and sleep with me?”

So closing is about escalating.

Every guy who has trouble closing … well most of them anyway… they immediately escalate, they don’t go take the ramp.

Then there are guys who have trouble closing, and it’s because they don’t get to the closing place, and you’re right, probably right not to.

If you feel like, “I think she would have said no.”

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You might be right, the truth is though, you’ll never know and how you find out is simple.

First I’m going to give you three rules, and they are simple.

1) Reduce the point of escalation.

2) One step forward, two steps back.

3) Pay attention to her.

So here’s how it works, including my 3-step kiss close that gets her to kiss you in the end.

1) Reduce the point of escalation

Reduce the escalation point is the main point and everything flows from there.

Closing is a big picture item.

Of course, you want to close, you want to get her back to your place, but there’s a lot of steps that come in between that and they … some of them are touching, kissing, eye contact, getting closer, physically closer, having the conversation get sexual.

All of those things, if you put them in an order, you’ll realize that some of them are more aggressive than others, some of them need more than other.

In fact, when a woman says, “He’s moving too fast.” She means that you are escalating without calibrating.

Generally when a woman feels a guy is creepy and especially if you say, when you go for the kiss, she turns away, that means you had no idea what was going to happen.

The reason you had no idea what was going to happen is because you went for the kiss too soon.

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You didn’t escalate, you didn’t climb that ramp, reduce the escalation points and you will go further.

My guess is, if you go for the kiss and you get a hug, you have an advantage over a lot of the calibrating guys.

In other words, your advantage is, you’d go for the kiss, at least you try, you close.

Closing is required for getting better at closing. However, if you’re not getting the kiss, the simple method is, reduce what you’re trying to get.

That doesn’t mean don’t go for the kiss, but before you go for the kiss, go for the smaller things. I’ll give you … in a second I’m going to give you my kiss close, but before I do, I want to give you that, the ramp up.

2) One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

You’re talking to a person, she laughs, you reach in and touch.

That moment, you are rewarding her good behavior, she’s showing, I like your behavior.

Now you’re touching, touching is an escalation.

Notice, however, my escalation will not be rejected, it will never be rejected if I’m escalating on that laughter.

If I reach out and touch a woman and I haven’t built up my escalation, I haven’t felt it out well, I haven’t calibrated it well, maybe I have an 80% chance, maybe a 50% chance depending on the girl, depending on how I feel.

Depending on the guy I am, that it’s going to go well or go badly. The truth is though, if I’ve ramped up, I may be more guaranteed, but the closest I can get is 80, 90% chance.

If she just laughed at something I said and I reach out and touch her, I am 100% guaranteed she’s going to accept that, she’s not going to reject it.

She may not want it, she may even hate the fact I did it and freak her out, but she’s not going to reject.

She’s going to … I’ll know, I will know and this is the main part of pay attention, I will know if that went well because she will pull back or she’ll keep laughing and lean forward. She might reach out and touch me soon after.

Those are signs that my escalation is moving forward. Every time it doesn’t move forward, what do you do?

In other words, if I touch her and maybe she keeps laughing, but maybe the laugh slows down, she doesn’t laugh as much or her next activity is to sort of pull back, comfortably, nicely, but she pulls back.

She keeps talking, she’s smiling, but I went further than she went.

In other words, at this moment, she was leaning forward, I touched her while she was laughing. She kept laughing, but then she leaned back.

That’s How You Know You Went Too Far…

That leaning back tells me my touch was too far, too forward. I went too far.

Next time, I’m not going to touch, that’s one step back. Next time I’m going to lean forward, I go back two steps and move forward to where she can lean forward again.

This time, however, realize she knows when she leans forward you’re going to touching her because it did happen last time.

That means if she leans forward this time, she’s much more comfortable with the possibility of that escalation.

If you’re escalating like this, feeling it out. I’m going to give you two more things before I close this.

One, I’m going to give you the big metaphor for escalating towards a close.

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You are feeling your way in the dark, that means that you are moving forward, that’s the escalation, but you are also feeling around, that is calibration. You can’t just stand there in the dark, feeling forward, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling.

That’s the calibrator, just feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling.

If you’re feeling, feeling, feeling, you’re not going to kiss her. You have to do something to kiss her, you have to move forward.

But you also can’t and that’s the escalator, just start walking forward.

You’re going to crash into furniture, you’re going to crash through your glass coffee table, you’re going to walk into your walls, you’re going to fall off the balcony.

You want to feel your way and move forward, that’s calibration and escalation simultaneously.

If You Follow These Steps Then You Will Absolutely Get The Kiss…

That’s the big picture, here’s what the kiss close, what my kiss close looks like and it almost … it never fails.

If you do it this way, it never fails.

That moment when it kind of feels like the kiss might be ready, I do not reach in for the kiss. If I feel like the kiss is ready, I just take it. Women always prefer if you just go for it.

However, the only times I ever fail at a kiss close is because I just went for it instead of using this calibration technique that always works.

What I do is, the moment I think I could go for it, I say … I don’t just go for it, instead I look for something to escalate on.

The way you remember to escalate on something, not to just go for the kiss is because the first phrase you say right before you do it is, “I like when you did that.”

Now if you just said that, you’d have to attach it to something, right.

So she needs to do something for you to escalate on. “I liked when you did that, for a second there I thought you were about to kiss me.” Now what you are saying is, this kiss is her escalation, not your escalation.

What you’re doing is saying she’s the one escalating on you. That means even if it is rejected and it’s never rejected, even if it’s rejected, you didn’t get rejected.

You just misunderstood her escalation. Here’s what it looks like, “I like when you did that.” Let’s say for example she steps forward. I can think of three times I did it.

One, she just stepped forward, another one, she’s talking to me and she paused for a second.

That’s all she did, she’s talking and I just felt like, this is the time, it’s now or never, she’s about to leave.

So she was eating something. And in fact she kept putting things in her mouth. And every time she put it in her mouth, I didn’t want to say it because I wanted to try to kiss her.

So this one moment, she didn’t have it in her mouth. And she said something kind of weird and looked at me and I said, “I liked the way you said that.” “What?” “For a second there I thought you were about to kiss me.”

What she’ll do if it’s yes, the only thing that’s no is if she says, “What? No.” That’s what she’ll say if she doesn’t want to kiss you.

Anything else, you keep moving, that’s a kiss. “I like when you did that, for a second there I thought you were about to kiss me.”

What she’ll do is … and you don’t say, “For a second there I thought you were about to kiss me.”

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It’s not an escalation on your part, she’s the one escalating.

So you do it like it’s just information, “I like when you did that, for a second there I thought you were about to kiss me.”

She says … That’s what she does, she kind of just defocuses her eyes because what she’s doing is imagining the kiss. She’s trying to think back to what made you think that.

She’s thinking did she make it obvious or maybe she’s thinking, “That’s weird, I didn’t want to kiss him” but she’s curious.

So the moment she pauses, she’s going to do like this … that’s not true, there are sometimes when they’ve gone, “Yeah.”

And then she leans in or, “Okay.” She leans in.

But what they’ll generally do is kind of defocus and what you say … what I say now is, “Go ahead.”

I give it completely to her. “Go ahead.”

And you know what? They always do,

“Go ahead.”

Now there’s one time actually when I said, “Go ahead.” I also pulled her. Because she … while I said it, I screwed the timing up and she was leaning back at the same it came out my mouth, so I kind of screwed it up.

So I just grabbed and pulled her while I was saying it.

Again, three parts, “I like when you did that, for a second there I thought you were about to kiss me.” She kind of … “Go ahead.”

And she will kiss you and I’ll tell you what else, she will love, they always like that kiss close.

Don’t ask me why.

I think it’s because it has dominance in it, but it also has … it’s considerate.

OK, so now that you know how to kiss her, unless you really just like hanging out with women, you’re going to want a way to go from the kiss to having sex with her… and today’s value bomb is an easy way to do just that:

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get her to kiss you

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Once I learned the 3 step kiss close that I mentioned above, getting a kiss no longer became a problem.

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