The person responsible for your happiness will equally be responsible for your misery.

If you are unhappy without a relationship, then work on yourself – mental, physical, emotional, financial – until you achieve that happiness. Once you reach that wholeness, anything external – a relationship, a new job, a new friend – will be a bonus.


This isn’t really a “love yourself” post.

I am not saying that you MUST be 100% happy before entering a relationship. That’s impossible. Even the healthiest and wealthiest and fittest and most attractive deal with not being happy. That wasn’t the point. The point is that if one places their happiness, their source of hormonal balance, their mental well-being, or their reason for getting up in the morning on ANOTHER person, then it will not end well. People leave. Relationships end. He/she just may not have been into you. That kiss could’ve meant nothing. Or worse, they could be abusing you for years and you just took it because you were afraid to let go. That person is just another person and they should not hold the power to your happiness.

For many individuals, a relationship is just the next piece of the puzzle. A relationship can bring a sense of completion to a stage of life and that’s totally fine and healthy. But some don’t view people/relationships that way.

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