The Modern style of dating is exhausting and unsustainable because people overthink every thing.

Dating now is as much work as looking for a job on LinkedIn.

You go on dates with three to five people simultaneously.

Many cases you go on several dates with each of these people.

You have to keep the text conversation going frequently or you run the risk of being ghosted.

There needs to be constant “chemistry”, “butterflies in your stomach”, and fireworks all the fucking time. It’s like you need a scene from the romance movie the notebook to see your dating life as promising to many people.

Then if you survive this marathon of dating, you have to be very clear that you both are exclusive and then you need to turn down the others you went on several dates with. And my oh my people have such commitment phobia. People don’t want labels of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.

Dating has become as complicated as interviewing for a job at google…good grief. Why? The paradox of choice is you don’t choose anyone.

Stop overthinking every.fucking.thing. That’s why you’re single. That’s probably also why you have self esteem issues or anxiety.

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