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Hey, what’s up? It’s Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham Club, and today we’re going to answer some questions.

This one is from Chad. He asks:

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I know you’re big into sexual energy.

What are some things you can do to build a deeper connection with a girl really quickly and when that will translate over into the bedroom?”

So there’s actually a couple of things I’m going to address.

You were talking about sexual energy first, and then asked how to translate that into a deep connection.

I’ll show you the truth below:

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The first thing to understand is what exactly “connection” is.

One-third of our brain is built for empathy, reading, and experiencing emotions with other people.

That’s why even a baby can tell when you’re happy or sad.

This is really important to understand.

Essentially, a connection is when two people come together and have corresponding emotions.

You’ll notice when you’ve really synced up with someone that you may yawn at the same time… or even be in the same moods at the same time.

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The emotional reality that we’re in syncs up with the people we are with.

When a person is secure in their reality, other people are likely to gravitate towards them.

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So what?

If you are confident and secure, she’s more likely to jump on your bandwagon.

Women tend to live by their own rules.

Some women might have solid ideas like:

“I dont sleep with men on the first date”...


“I don’t like men that are like this”

These preconceived rules have nothing to do with you.

But guys often forget this… and allow their drive to have sex overpower their desire to get to know a woman.

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The Inner Game of Sexual Energy (& How This Gets You Laid Using a Lot Less Effort)

When it comes to sexual energy, it’s important to always remain confident.

If a woman you are spending time with has concrete ideals (Ex: Doesn’t sleep with men on the first date), then it’s important to know that you won’t be able to change this.

No technique will help you change this.

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Stay confident in yourself and always let her come to you.

If you sense sexual energy, then let her initiate.

That’s the inner game side of creating a sexual connection.

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Guys Who Do THIS Often Come Off As “Creepy” And “Needy”…

What makes a woman feel safe, and essentially want to explore a sexual situation with a guy, is confidence.

When a guy is insecure, women can spot it a mile away.

Guys who are insecure often come across as creepy or needy.

Guys who come off as “creepy” when talking to women often have an underlying belief that they don’t deserve sex.

Alternatively, a lot of them feel uncomfortable with their own sexual desire.

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The guy who is solid and shameless with his desire doesn’t need to say anything lewd or gasp-inducing.

Therefore, this man never comes off as creepy, and women are more likely to gravitate towards him.

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How To Forge A Real Connection & Make Her Excited to Hookup With You…

Knowing how to really connect with women is definitely a challenge.

It is something I have struggled with myself for years.

I got a lot of bad advice from other dating coaches when I was younger on how to make a connection.

Some would say,

“Just say a bunch of embarrassing things and then she’ll see that you’re vulnerable.”

That just doesn’t even make sense.

The number one thing to remember is to pay attention to your feelings and pay attention to her and her feelings.

That by itself creates connection.

Of course there’s more to connection than that, but just doing that is the first trick.

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Pay attention to her, and not about getting into her pants or getting a reaction from her.

Pay attention to your body, pay attention to how you’re feeling, pay attention to how she’s feeling, rather than paying attention to how you are feeling in relation to her…

And boom!

It’s just like a positive feedback loop where you connect more and more.

When you’re secure and you’re paying attention and creating that connection, escalation can happen really fast.

Though there’s one crucial element I’ve forgotten to mention… and it’s a REALLY important one:

sexual energy
This is the easiest way to turn things sexual fast…

How To Go From a “Mental Connection” to Banging Her Like a Drum All Night Long…

Once you’ve used these tips to connect with her mentally… and you’re feeling each other’s sexual energy…

It’s time to start touching her.

Because THIS is the time to get her turned on and wanting to get in bed with you… and it’s a lot easier when you touch her in the right places, the right way.

Let’s not forget.. you HAVE to touch to get a woman into bed.

And by far the biggest problems most guys encounter when touching a woman are:

a) they wait too long to touch her, so it comes off as unnecessarily awkward… (this often results in the woman rejecting a guy, even if she actually DID want to sleep with him)… or

b) they touch her too much, too soon, so she just feels like things are happening too fast… so she gets scared and leaves.

Luckily, there are some “innocent-seeming” ways you can touch a woman that can REALLY ramp things up sexually (often in a way that gets her to come on to you)

…and if you do these touches in the right order, your odds of getting laid on the first date absolutely skyrocket.

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