The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Virtual Date

Finally, once your entire outfit has been curated, do a trial run in front of the camera you plan on using. Take note of how your look changes as you sit down, and identify which camera angles make you feel best. Beyond this, you should also consider the lighting around your space, and how your makeup may change on camera should you plan on wearing any. Testing how you’ll look once the date begins is the perfect way to determine any style wildcards that may be affected by the camera, keeping you feeling poised and prepared to meet with your love interest.

While a virtual date might not have been your first choice for connecting with someone, you can still mimic the feel of an in-person date by having fun with your style choices and ideas. In many ways, dating from the comfort of your own home can put you more at ease and give you confidence you didn’t know was there.

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