the 5 stages of relationships: every couple must recognize

the five stages of relationships. Falling in Love is something that just about everybody goes through in their lifetime, even if it’s only once. When you fall in love with somebody, you begin to realize that being in love isn’t the hard part.

The tough part is working to manage the relationship. every relationship is different, which is why it’s hard to direct your way through them.

You can’t always use techniques that have worked for you and your other partners in the past.

from what we can tell relationships normally go through five stages. The way you handle these bumps in the road will predict how the relationship itself will turn out.

It’s difficult for a lot of people to recognize these stages in relationships. However, the inability to remember what is happening in your relationship can easily induce it to fall apart.

Learning to identify these stages and how they

alter your relationship will come in handy when you and your partner are going through them.

the five stages of relationships

Table of Contents

  • romance stage.
  • power struggle stage
  • stability stage
  • commitment stage
  • bliss stage.

1. Romance stage.

the first stages of relationship.When we fall in love with somebody, it’s hard for us to recognize their bad qualities, we get so caught up in the pure fascination we

have for them that we fail to see anything wrong with them. stages of relationship

we are seeing our partners through a screen of fulfillment,

they are also seeing us the same way. But the seemingly endless stream doesn’t last forever. generally, this stage doesn’t last more than two years.

Let’s dive a little deeper and look at the romance stage through the lens of evolution. When the human race advanced, nature wanted to produce something to ensure that our species wouldn’t become extinct.

Thus, human beings were born with reproductive organs and thought processes to connect our feelings toward one another. As nature continued to adapt, humans eventually develop the feeling we now call love.

This allowed us to chain with one another and form intimate relationships. However, when we fall in love, we tend to fall in love with

somebody who wouldn’t normally be considered adaptable to us. Although we may see them as a person who makes all of our dreams come true.

They also can do the opposite. Typically, we fall in love with people because their personality traits are opposite to ours. This allows us to fit together like pieces of a befuddle. This person’s good traits compensate for our bad ones, and vice versa.

And when you fit these two puzzle pieces together, it creates a new piece, a piece that the puzzle could never be complete without

a piece of nature tougher and more likely to survive and ensure the continuation of the human species.

When we look back on it, we often wonder how we could have fallen in love with somebody so different from ourselves, but nature intended for us to fall in love.

And it made assured we would be having our brains

release what we call feeling hormones, including oxytocin, phenylethylamine, serotonin, and dopamine.

These hormones give aid to a biochemical process that eliminates us from stressors and fills us with infatuation. This is why it’s so tough for us to recognize our partner’s flaws. These hormones, hide our flaws and encourage us to do whatever we can to keep the romance alive.

While we aren’t lying to our partners, we’re wearing a mask of adoration. Taking off this mask and revealing who we are, they influence our partner to leave so we keep it on. Knowing this.

To avoid any major dispute or confusion with your partner, you can work on bringing up somewhat difficult topics with them,

such as whether or not you both want children or wish to be married.

Although this infatuation stage makes it seem like everything is fine and peachy, it inevitably wears off.

At this point, you may look at your partner and realize that of nowhere,

that they’re the most inconsistent person to yourself that you could ever think of.

This tends to happen when either of you begin to worry about a sort of permanence and the bond.

This could include dating completely moving in together, getting engaged,

or whatever else may work for you when it comes to permanency. This is where the next stage kicks in

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2 the power struggle stage.

power struggle stages of relationship.When we think of relationships, we tend to think of the picture-perfect ones that we see in movies or read about in novels.

This makes it easy for us to estimate that our

relationships can never be improve unless they are same to the ones we’ve seen portrayed.

This stage causes a lot of tension and pain between partners because the peachy keen love you once had has broken down before your eyes.

We sometimes replace these missing emotions with anger, which undergo more problems in itself.

We stopped focusing on what used to make our partners seem so perfect, and we begin to recognize only what makes them seem almost repulsive to us.

When couples go through this stage in their relationship, one of them will commonly become withdrawn.

They feel deceived because their partner has turned into a completely different person from the one they originally fell in love with.

When one partner does this, the other will pursue them by omission. Attention all the while feeling afraid of being emotionally dumped.

While this stage is usually very challenging for most couples,

it also presents the chance to look into yourself and reestablish your independence in the relationship.

Sometimes this stage takes a toll on people, and they started thinking that all of their effort was just a waste,

and it would take too much work to fix what they once had.

This is when couples tend to split apart to search for somebody who they think would be more suitable for them.

This is also why most divorces happen during this stage.

3, the stability stage.

If you and your partner learn to confront each other, respectively, about your issues and recognize your issues as well, you move on to this stage.

After getting through the bounce in the road, you and your partner

fall into a deeper and more frantic love than ever before.

you may have wanted to at first, you now feel that you cannot change your partner, and you have no wish to try anymore.

You see them for everything that they are the good and the bad, and you’re willing to accept it.

Although most individuals would want to plant themselves into the stage of a relationship doing so can make it easy for them to become bored.

After a while, you may begin to grasp that the thrill of being

in love is roving away, and you need something special to keep it alive.

Partners generally resolve these issues by forming shared experiences and maintaining the feeling of adventure in their relationship

4.the commitment stage.

forth stages of relationship.When it comes to relationships, people often associate commitment with marriage,

even though that’s not generally what the stage is supposed to represent.

However, while many couples do the mistake of marrying while still in the romance stage of their relationship,

this is the stage in which you and your partner are ready for marriage.

When you and your partner reached this stage,

you have both realized that you don’t need each other, you both want each other.

you’ve observed that you both have faults, and neither of you are perfect. But even though you recognize these shortcomings,

you still wish to be with each other, and you both fall into an endless rush of balanced adventurous freedom.

With that said, many people dupe themselves into believing that since they’ve

gotten this far, and it feels so good that their job as a team must be done.

Often. They also tend to atonement their own goals in life to spend more

time with their important other instead, or they become lazy and maintaining their emotional connection.

The truth is, both of you are developing and evolving. So your job as a couple is never done, you will always have to regain each other

5. bliss stage.

last stages of relationship.Once you’ve reached this stage, you and your partner become consciously aware of your love for each

other, and you agree to move out into the world to show it.

And as nature gave you life and the ability to build such a blissful experience

together, and now calls on you to give back.

most couples decide to give back to society by donating to charities establish children, volunteering in their community, or starting a family business.

But keep in mind, if you and your partner have been together for a long time,

you must be sure to continue nurturing your relationships so problems don’t arise. Although relationships can be tough.

Sometimes it’s crucial to learn how to handle things effectively. Falling in Love isn’t something that happens all the time.

And when you begin to remember the stages in your relationship, it becomes easier to deal with them properly.

keep in mind that it’s natural to lose certain feelings for people at times, and not everything lasts forever. But that doesn’t mean you have to confess to it.

All in all, putting in the time and effort to nurture your relationship will pay off in unimaginable ways. What do you think? If you’re in a relationship,

which stage are you in right now? And what do you find the most challenging about that stage?

Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed our article about stages of relationships.

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