Text after the first date?

Hey guys,

Getting back out there dating again (gave myself a healthy two years after my last relationship to work on myself and travel) and had a first date with a lovely girl on Wednesday.

We got coffee and extended the date with a nice walk to a dog park. The date lasted two hours and she asked for my number after and told me she’d love to come to my city next time (we’re about an hour drive from each other).

By the time I got home she had already sent me a text saying she had a really nice time and thanked me for coming out to her town. I of course responded that I also had a nice time and that we should do it again “soon”.

That was Wednesday night. I gave it a day yesterday to analyze our date and see how I feel and I still feel great about seeing her again. Would this afternoon be an appropriate time to reach out to her to schedule a second date for next week?

She is introverted, which we joked about on the date (since I’m an extrovert), and I don’t want to be too persistent.

Thank you!


I sent her a text after some feedback here and am awaiting her response. I’ll keep everyone posted. Thank you!

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