Stay True To You, Someone is Looking for You!

I just wanted to come on here with some encouragement for all of us going through the struggs of online dating.

Earlier this week, someone asked me what I was passionate about and when I gave a thought-out response, they completely ghosted me. It rocked me a little and I almost gave in to the temptation of retailoring my answer for future dates until…

A few days later another person asked me the same question and when I gave the same response they wanted to set up a date immediately to chat more about my passions and theirs.

All this to say, even though it is obvious and a cliche saying, STAY TRUE TO YOU. It is so easy to feel like no one is going to like you and the initial rejection feels like you want to hide and change yourself but there is someone LITERALLY wanting to pick your brains about your weird obsession with sci-fi films, your passion for permaculture or whatever else you love to do!

See every person that passes on you as another step closer towards the person that you actually want.

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