Should I Text Him? What are the Best Texts to Get His Attention?

should I text him
Are you wondering, Should I Text Him? Or, What are the Very Best Texts to Get his Attention?

Rosalyn, a diminutive nurse was asking just these questions in the early stages of texting with Zach, a soulful veterinarian. Zach definitely ticked all the boxes for her—he was a George Clooney look-alike, funny, and soulful. And he seemed crazy about her! Rosalyn was so completely smitten with him that she was afraid to blow it by texting to much or appearing needy or desperate.

They had texted back and forth a few times about getting together for a date, but he dropped the ball in confirming that they would get together. As the time for the Friday night dinner came closer and closer, with no text from him, Rosalyn got upset. She was studying the clock as the minutes slipped away, wondering, Should I text him? And if I do, what should I say? We will get back to Rosalyn later.

So the big question most women are wondering is: How can I engage a great guy through texting?

In fact, giving dating advice to women on text messages that really work is part and parcel of my mission of helping them get to true lasting love. And, my team and I have helped tens of thousands of women do just that!

Should I Text Him: How to Get Started

It all starts when you meet a great guy and he seems funny, attractive and interested. And you are definitely interested! The ball is in play—you start texting back and forth. And you are eager to respond to him when he texts! But you don’t want to appear too needy, too easy to get, or even desperate. So you feel clenched up. Nervous. Anxious. I know. You wonder Should I Text Him? What are the Very Best Texts to Get his Attention?

Well, in dating there is no perfect length of time to text. Each relationship is different. And it unfolds differently. So, there is no magic amount of time to wait to text that will make it happen if it is not going to happen. I repeat, if it is not in the cards this relationship will not happen, no matter what you do. On the other hand, if it is going to happen, you will NOT be able to throw it off its course. It will be a matter of destiny. The right relationship will unfold naturally and you will feel it unfolding in your gut. You will be able to relax and just be real with the right guy! In fact, with the right guy you can do no wrong!

So if you are wondering Should I text him, I want you to follow these three recommendations:

First of all, relax. And take this in! With the right guy you can do no wrong! With the right guy it is definitely going to happen. So you will just find yourself interacting organically, with very little tension. Love is going to happen!

Second, just follow the natural rhythm of testing that would happen when you meet a great new friend, whether feminine or masculine! Feel in your gut what that feels like. It is easy, natural, fun. And not rigid or following any formula. You just communicate back and forth as the impulse hits you. And it is fun! It is exciting! This is what you are wanting in your heart of hearts. So just imagine that this is a great new friend and take it from there!

Third, follow my dating program of three where you date three guys casually with no sex to see which one steps up for you. So no one person becomes soooo very important! Go here to learn how to start your own dating program of three.

Next you ask, What are the Very Best Texts to Get his Attention?

Chances are you are not a writer and this does involve writing. The main answer is: Be loving, funny and flirty. So definitely NOT hard to get, which often comes across as being cold! Do not play hard to get! Just be warm and play with him via text. Men crave appreciation and validation!

Here are 5 great text examples:

  • So I’ve been thinking about you…
  • Whenever I get a text from you this happens ?
  • Have sweet dreams, John, preferably with me in them.
  • Hey Mr Handsome! ?
  • I always wake up smiling. I think it’s your fault. ?

What Do I Text Him if he asks How’s your day? Or How are You?

  • Much better, now that you asked! ? What are you up to today?
  • The best thing that happened to me today so far is you asking me about my day;) What are you up to today?
  • Somewhere between better and best. I just did 10 flites of stairs in my building’s stairwell! How was yours, Captain Bill? ?

So there you have answers for when you are wondering Should I text him? And what are the best texts I can send to get his attention?

Now, let’s get back to Rosalyn and Zach. In fact, Rosalyn followed these suggestions and simply texted him a warm friendly message: Hey Mr Handsome! ? I’m so looking forward to our Thai feast! Zach immediately texted back and they had an amazing three hour date later that night.

Here is a video for when you are wondering Should I Text Him?

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