Seriously don’t understand the point of “dating to date”

Basically the title. Idk where else to post this, I got into an argument with a friend about dating and I can’t understand her side. I might be going boomer mode but I’m just now realizing that I don’t understand the concept of “dating to date” or like dating someone even though you know it won’t work out, I think that if you know it won’t work out but you still choose to go out with them then you are using them as like social status or social points almost to show that you are able to get a partner or an emotional faucet so that you can have validation about yourself and it doesn’t make any sense to me like I feel that you should be able to make yourself happy without the validation of others or a need of social points to show others you are attractive and so there is no point to “date to date”. I think it comes down to I don’t understand why people are willing to emotionally invest themselves in a partner when they know it won’t work and they’re doing it to feed they’re own egos and “make themselves feel better” when they can do it without dating, a label or emotional investment.

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