Remember sometimes you don’t miss the person, you just miss the feeling and the effort.

Lol I have been left not once, but twice by the same person, everytime with nothing but compliments about me, how I was and how I made her feel, calling me literally perfect.

I mean, guess it’s good knowing that you were a good partner and have nothing to blame on you but… Then why the fuck are we single? If we did everything good and still got screwed in the worst way possible, what is one supposed to do? What is one supposed to improve of himself?

P. S. btw I also miss her like the air but try to manage just by focusing on what didn’t work between me and her and clinging on the hope that eventually I’ll find someone that will truly makes me happy. But it’s hard, especially in these times of lockdown, when even having the slightest human interaction feels like a mirage.

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