Relationship priority: six things you should not ever say to men love you

Relationship priority. I’ve got to tell you words can hurt. Whoever started the cite, attach and stones will break your bones but names can never harm you was a done mighty Faber show perhaps a great throwback in the schoolyard when you’re feeling bullied.

But in real life, no matter how

stoic and confident you might be,

words can cut like a knife. As a man, if I said something to you that stopped you dead in your tracks, instantly got your heart racing and blood pumping,

and not in a sexy way, without knowing it has a man said something to you that hurt your feelings, and once said the words had

done damage and were impossible to take

back when men can also experience this with women.

Relationship priority. If you’re anything like me an open honest and playful so then there’s probably come a time when you’ve said

something that makes a man either question

himself or question his relationship with you.

Of course, you don’t want to walk on eggshells. It’s important to be in a real and clear relationship.

And yet, it’s equally important to be mindful of some of

the key things you might say to men you like or love that can seem feeling inadequate or inferior,

or simply confused. And confusion often creates indifference in normally sees people pulling away to protect themselves and to work out their feelings. Don’t get me wrong. cheeky flirty. banter is important. Men love playful, fun, and open women.

Though sometimes when we’re playing, we can say things in jest that can be a dig or put down in some way,

which creates doubt and murky energy, not true liberty and connection.

Relationship priority. six points on that to share with you might not at first glance sound unpleasant to you. but even they can be like daggers to his heart.

And I’m not exaggerating, so stay with me

for these six compensation tips that will allow the way you relate to men much easier.

the six things you should never say to men who like all love,

Table of Contents

  • why can’t you be more like x?
  • you’re taking me out to dinner.
  • my ex was why it’s better never to say this
  • do I look fat? Why it’s best to never say this? Rather, why would you ever say this to a man?
  • you can’t do that. Or don’t do that.

1. why can’t you be more like x?

Relationship priority. Why is it best never to say this? Because it sounds like you’re unhappy with your men. You might crave to say it as a laugh,

but there’s a granule of truth in it.

And this is the only thing he will hear that he’s not good enough. He’s not meeting up to your expectations or what you want.

Just think for a second how you’d feel if he told you, why can’t you be more like this and that go he used to know or worse, his mother. I know sometimes these things just slip out of our mouth without even thinking.

But words like this can be destructive.

Men hate to be compared to others. Unless,

of course, the comparison is in favor.

2. you’re taking me out to dinner.

Why it’s best to never say this. Because it’s an order. It’s as simple as that. Now, what’s wrong with orders? Don’t men love to be ordered around by solid, courageous women? The short answer is no. Well, not quite like that. Being positive means knowing who you are, knowing what you want and how to make it happen. competence is not domination.

Men do like confident women. That’s true, what they hate real from his domineering women unless they have a problem with their self-esteem.

But that’s a different topic entirely. So well. It’s okay to be the one initiating plans for dinner, or anything else. Don’t make it sound like an order, make it sound like a delightful proposal.

he’ll accept it without feeling awkward about you pressuring him. You’re dating not playing Battle of the wheels.

if your man never takes you out to dinner, or you don’t go out on a date and the romance is dead, ordering him is not likely to work

and non-judgmental and open-hearted discussion about what you value in a relationship.

what you’re both willing to spend and commit to would be a better way to go about it.

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3. my ex was why it’s better never to say this

Well. It’s kind of obvious. Maybe I don’t need to explain but here we go.

The thing men most hate more than being compared with someone you know,

is being correlated to that special someone you used to be with before you met him.

The topic of exes is usually an uncomfortable one.

For both partners in a relationship. I don’t have a complication with hearing a little bit about exes.

I assumed that

because I wasn’t

bothered that the

guy I’m dating wouldn’t be bothered either. Now they’re in the past. And it’s you to that matter. yet.

There’s one exception here but wouldn’t advise going with it.

If you can pay a new man to you X to tell them

how much better it is

then that

x? Well, it might work.

But be careful.

Even this reminds him that he’s not your first. And most men don’t like that. I know it’s kind of silly.

But there you have it.

When you read this gift, you’ll realize

how these 16 prices are so critical.

4. do I look fat? Why it’s best to never say this? Rather, why would you ever say this to a man?

This is the nightmare question that turns men into bowls of nerves beneath that solid poker face exterior? This kind of question is solidify to a man?

Because there’s only one right answer

and no right answer to this question.

And profound inside every one of us knows it. But why do so many women keep asking it? Does she need the reassurance?

Yes, it would seem but would you believe in when he says that you do not look fat at all? Even if he means every word?

Chances are? You won’t? And what he says yes, just to be cheeky and to mock you and the question,

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what happens after this. suspend him and yourself. Don’t ask if you look fat, he doesn’t care about your way nearly as much as you do.

Or you 10 makeup or clothes. He loves you exactly as you are. Very few men give a hoot.

So start accepting and loving your booty, your hips, your breast, and tantalize him with your confidence.

And if you’re out of shape, and you want to change this,

then do it for you. It’s all about self-love and self-honor. And only you can know what you value for you.

5. you can’t do that. Or don’t do that.

Relationship priority. Why it’s best to never say this saying these things can feel like a slap across the face a kick to the ego and a knock to his masculinity.

While you don’t want to pander to his ego,

you also don’t want to impose escalate him or

delight him like a child without a mind of his own.

If you want to feel good being around you and unless his luck is in real danger.

Don’t tell him there’s something he can’t do. Men are not fools. They know they can’t do everything.

They just don’t want to hear this from their ladies. Your man wants you to see him as strong capable of solving every problem, never needing help from anyone. If you suggest that he’s none of these things by telling him You can’t change a tire.

Well, you don’t know the first thing about bond investing, or maybe he’s cutting tomatoes and is not cutting them how you like them to be cut. By telling him he can’t do it the way he is. And that your way is better is making him wrong and useless. And this shuts down anyone namely your man.

6. nothing.

Relationship priority. Why it’s the best snippet say this, because it’s never nothing.

We know we do it because if we start talking,

we might say something you believe he doesn’t want to hear about or can’t handle,

and we fear he’ll run away. If what’s niggling at you is fair and reasonable.

When your man asks you What’s wrong,

and he has nothing over? I’m fine. That’s when he might start thinking about running away. He has eyes and consent,

something is off without you having to speak.

So when he asked what’s going on for you.

He wants to know what it is so he can help.

That’s his train of thought. It’s very simple. So don’t talk to him.

Don’t be passive-aggressive. Instead, tell him What’s wrong.

Women make the mistake by believing that if you love me, he would just know what I’m thinking who knows what’s wrong.

Sure. Sometimes he will know that often. He doesn’t know what’s exactly eating away at your soul.

All he knows is that he feels like he can’t win with you or that he’s in the doghouse. It’s in your interest to be brave to be bold and to speak up with confidence, clarity, and care, no blaming or shaming.

Tell him how you feel. Own your feelings. Humans are good at misinterpretation and creating stories about their relationship which are often inaccurate,

so talking about them is far better than holding

on to them or hoping he will read your mind.


Relationship priority. That’s it for this article, please comment below and let me know if you have any other words to add to my list. And I’d love to hear which of the six points you most related to please comment and share this article with your friends.

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