Paying for stuff… when does it get in the way of starting a successful relationship?


I went on 3 dates with this girl and I paid for everything (as I usually do). It’s fairly expensive to go out for food/drinks in my area. Mandatory parking/valet fees, etc… after everything, including gas and tollroad costs I’ve spent a little over $280 on those dates.

A few days ago she invited me over to her place to hangout. Earlier that day I lost my wallet. I didn’t want to show up empty handed to her place, so I grabbed a nice bottle of wine from my stache and baked some desert for us.

We drink the wine, eat our desert, and we’re having a good time. She starts telling me she really likes me and is wanting to take things to the next step. Alright. Everything is going good. She then says she’s hungry and wants to grab food, I say me too but I explain to her that I lost my wallet and don’t have any way of paying for the food right now. She’s like “ok”

We go to grab food and it’s time for us to pay, she looks at me like “uhhh… you going to pay for our food or no?!?” I tell here AGAIN that I lost my wallet and that I don’t have any cash right now. I asked if she could pay for us this time and she says “well, I’m going to get mine. But I don’t think I can get yours. I can’t be spending money like that.”

I was shocked (and properly freaking PISSED). How in the world is this girl not going to spot me a $6 meal after everything I’ve paid for? I took her home and didn’t say a word. Blocked her on everything and blocked her number.

This has been a reoccurring theme while dating for me ever since I graduated from college. It’s like… all girls see me for is my money and what i can pay for, yet… they won’t even consider spending a few dollars on me when they need to.

Is this just how dating/relationships are when you get older? Or am I somehow getting hugely unlucky with girls?

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