Open Thread: The Day is Finally Here!

It’s Election Day today in the US, which marks both the end of the longest voting period, as well as the longest four years, many of us have ever experienced. While we likely won’t know the results of the presidential race tonight, I’m sure most of us will stay up late hoping to find out, and in the meantime many smaller races – in the House and the Senate – will be called and we may have some idea on which path the US will be moving in the near – and maybe long – future. To say I’m anxious would be an understatement. I know the same is true for many of you, too! It feels like so much is on the line this week, because so much is really on the line this week. And all we can really do now is wait.

So, how are you spending this waiting time? If you’re working today, how likely is it that you’ll be productive? Are you watching the returns this evening or escaping the drama (and maybe PTSD) when some form of distraction? If you’re watching returns, where are you watching and with whom? I plan to watch with Drew this evening from the comfort of our bed, likely with some whiskey that I’ll probably sip throughout the day to keep a steady but mild buzz going as long as possible. FaceTime and Zoom calls with friends will likely happen, and I am going to avoid social media. We’re going to eat some comfort food for dinner, but I’m not sure yet what. Maybe we’ll order from a favorite neighborhood place, even though we ordered last night and on Saturday and on Friday, too. (What can I say? My favorite form of comfort food is the kind I don’t have to make multiple kinds of to satisfy my picky children who often don’t like whatever it is I prefer making for myself and Drew.) I’ve started running again over the past couple weeks after six months of my lungs burning every time I ran a block or two, so I’ll probably lace up at some point and try to burn off some of this anxiety (and aforementioned takeout). I’ve been too superstitious to get any bubbly for the night, but if Trump is voted out, you better believe as soon as I can get to the liquor store, I’m getting the best champagne I can reasonably afford and toasting to sanity winning out.

Anyway, deep breath, everyone. We’ve made it to Election Day. Now we wait (and, obviously, VOTE if you haven’t yet!!!). And as Kate said here: “If anyone knows someone whose ballot hasn’t arrived yet, please encourage them to just go vote in person today if they can do so safely. If you mailed your ballot but it didn’t arrive yet, you can still vote in person and tell them to disregard your mailed ballot.” Also, no matter how long your line may be to vote, if you are in one when the polls closed, you still get to vote. STAY IN LINE.

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