Online dating is dating. You should bring the same energy.

I have been dating again after leaving a 30 year relationship (7 dating and 23 married). I have some thoughts that might be be helpful. First basically I think there is a common held belief that online dating is different than dating. It isn’t dating is dating, the same approaches should be taken. A simple example: back in the day I would go to a bar, have fun and be myself. This would usually (not always) lead to meeting people. My goal was never to meet my next girlfriend. I’ve taken the same approach online. Have a profile that gives a glimpse as to who I am, that is positive in its outlook. When I match with someone I act the same as meeting a potential new friend. You’ll know pretty quickly if you have things in common. If you put out positive energy, you’ll receive positive energy. For instance, I see a lot of “be honest” or “tell the truth”. What liar is going to be like “well I guess I better move along”? As a non liar I have learned that you have become cynical and I will have to “win you over”. In short, no thank you. So who will you match with? Liars. Better in my opinion to go in with positive energy and be wary for signals. In my experience even over text you can get a sense of a person and you can feel a potential for a connection.

I have other thoughts and suggestions if anyone is interested.

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