On dating apps always post full length pictures of your entire body and not just your face

I recently matched with a girl on Bumble who just had photos that were using filters and of her face. I have used dating apps for a while so I know what this usually means but she looked really slim in her pics. We talked over the app for a few days, exchanging pretty funny and nice chat. Then she said out of nowhere that she is a bigger gal and that guys tend to ghost her after she says this.

Me not wanting to be a dick said that it was probably in her head and that she was probably not that big. However she sent across a full body pic and she was very much overweight. I kindly said and was honest in saying that I didn’t particularly fancy overweight girls, which she was absolutely fine with and said she was used to this happening. She promptly deleted her Bumble account stating that once she tells guys this, overweight girls like her always get nowhere. However she did this before I could give her the following piece of advice, which I presume would apply to both guys and girls on dating apps:

Regardless of your body shape always put full length body pics on dating app profiles. On the guys side of things when a girl’s profile is just their face it’s a flag that they’re overweight and not comfortable with it. Even if larger, putting full body pics shows that you are more comfortable and confident in your own skin and are owning what you like. You might get less matches but those that you do match with will probably like what they see.

In this girl’s case she got matches on the pretense she was slim when she absolutely wasn’t, which is not honest and I basically see as form of catfishing. She would have gotten much further on dating apps if she had pictures of her whole body on initially and guys would know this from the off and not suddenly ghost her when she mentions it. Because in a sense they aren’t being lied to anymore.

People on dating apps, be confident in yourself and honestly portray what you look like becuase there will always be someone out there who will like your looks.

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