Not Getting Any Matches On Tinder? (Secret Reason Why)

For a while now, Tinder users have reported having trouble getting matches. The good news is your not alone, and this article will help you fix that issue temporarily, but if you are looking for a better app, try Eharmony. The main mistake that people make is assuming that there is no one out there that wants to match with them, but I’m afraid that’s not right.

In fact, it is far more likely that the app itself is the reason you’re not getting any matches on Tinder.

Tinder has a track record of being shady and hiding users’ profiles who don’t pay for any of the app’s extra features. This makes sense because, at the end of the day, they are a business. As a business, they are trying to squeeze as much money out of each user as possible so but.

So here is why youre not getting any matches on Tinder and what you can do to change that.

Why you’re not getting matches

Tinder uses a ranking system called Elo, which tries to identify how attractive and valuable a person is to the app’s user base. This means that if you swipe a lot but get very few matches, you run the risk of dinging your Elo score.

The other reason that people see a decline in matches as a result of low Elo is that they don’t interact enough with matches or the matches never send the first message.

If you’re a guy, this is important because typically, men are the first to message, so if you want to see an uptick in matches or save your Elo while you can make sure to reach out when you can.

While this is not confirmed, it has been rumored that Tinder will “shadow ban” you if you only use its free services and never pay for boosts or premium membership. This is also probably the most probable reason that you are not getting any matches on Tinder.

Behind the scenes, Tinder is simply a profit-maximizing company with no regard for its user base. There are ways to work around this like rebooting your account, which I’ll talk about more in the section below, but in my opinion, Eharmony is a far better option.

What to do

If you are not getting any matches on Tinder, then there are only two things you can do. rebooting. your account or move on to a different online dating service. Personally, I have left Tinder for good because of their anti-consumer practices and the lack of quality matches. I have found both Eharmony and Hinge to be far better options.

The best way to combat this if you want to keep using Tinder is to reboot your account. When you reboot your account, it is essential to make sure that Tinder doesn’t remember your last account.

First, you need to delete your account and the app. Then you need to use a new apple ID or a new google account if you are using android.

Then you download the app again and use a google voice number and make a new account with that number and not the facebook you used to create your first account.

This will guarantee that the Tinder app doesn’t remember you, and you get to start with a clean slate, eliminating your “shadow ban” or poor Elo score, and as a result, not getting any matches on Tinder should be a thing of the past. But be warned if you aren’t paying for things or swipe too much, you may still run into the same issues later down the road.


In the end, it is essential to realize that Tinder isn’t what it used to be. It is no longer the fun and easy hookup app of days past. As a result, the quality of matches and regularity of quality users who are interested in dates has taken a massive hit.

All anti-consumer practices aside, this is definitely a contributing factor to the lack of matches you are experiencing. If you are wondering if it is your fault you are not getting any matches Tinder, there is a good chance it isn’t.

This leaves the people who are looking for dating apps with two choices. Make the best of Tinder or go for something else. All things considered, Bumble and Hinge aren’t bad choices. They both have slick and intuitive functions, but they still run into the issue of being free apps with paywalls that you climb before you can get the most out of them.

However, Bumble and Hinge run into the issue of being so easily accessible that a large number of people that sign up for them aren’t serious. As a result, you end up swiping through a bunch of possible matches that aren’t even worth your time. This means that if you are a paying user, you have wasted both your time and money.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have Eharmony, which is not a cheap online dating service. Still, it offers a serious user base about meeting up and forming meaningful connections. If I had to pick one dating app/site, I would go with Eharmony. This is because it has the same things that Bumble and Hinge have but does it in a better way. They don’t treat paying and non paying customers differently because everyone is a paying customer with the exception of the free trial.

The best advice that I could give to someone who is struggling with Tinder is to branch out and try something different. Give Eharmony a shot or even Hinge. If you are interested in learning if Eharmony is worth it or right for you, check out Is Eharmony worth it. Just remember that Tinder is past its prime, and there are new and better online dating apps out there.

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