Not enough people are talking about how LONELY things are for single people right now

Hey y’all, I am a 25 year-old male. Unfortunately, dating these last few months has been damn-near impossible. Earlier on in the pandemic, it seemed like it was much easier to connect with someone on a personal level, even if we couldn’t meet in person. However, in March 2021 I can’t even get passed the “small-talk” stage. I am a pretty good-looking guy and have had a couple partners in my day, one of which ironically came this passed year during the pandemic.

I’ve done some research on the forums and it seems like a lot of people (men and women) are having the same struggles. Online dating is becoming a non-starter. I’m on Tinder and on Bumble but can’t even get someone to tell me semi-personal things like where they’re from, and if they do, I get ghosted or unmatched eventually (unprovoked). It’s as if almost month-by-month more and more people on these apps are just looking to play games and not actually meet anyone, from March 2020 to March 2021. I can only hope for some change soon, as more and more folks get the vaccine. I, myself have already gotten 1/2 of it and am scheduled to be fully-vaccinated by early April.

My prediction is that by the Summer or next Fall, the spell under the dating scene will dwindle, but this is just what I hope will happen. I, like most people are using this time to work on myself, but there’s still that longing to share something with someone. I would love to meet someone in real-life but I’m working from home and at 25, it seems almost unrealistic unless I join a club, or something.

I envy the couples that have gone into the pandemic together because it seems like a lot of the ones around me are staying together. Like, honestly this passed Valentine’s Day was BRUTAL. It seemed like every couple came out of their shell and posted photos on social media, even folks who I didn’t know were in a relationship were sharing intimate pictures of each other. It was disheartening as a single person actually trying to find someone to say the least.

Let me know what you guys are thinking, and if you are having the same experiences. I am very interested to see what men and women have to say.

tl;dr: Can’t make a connection with someone. Pretty sure it’s because of the pandemic. It’s a lonely time for the average single guy or girl. Wondering who else can relate?

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