Needing advice on guy who doesn’t want to talk about what we are and my growing anxiety

I’ve (24) been seeing a guy (29) for a couple months now. We hang out allllll the time and have gotten super comfortable with each other. Even though we have different “morals” and different lifestyles, we just really clicked and fit well together.

I want to talk about what our next steps are. I’m pretty straightforward and I’ve asked him a few times now if we can talk about what he wants out of this . I’ve told him I don’t want to waste my time if he has no interest in pursuing anything further .

A small part of me feels like he’s keeping me around because I’m convenient, but we have also established that we are not seeing others of sleeping around. But he won’t say we’re exclusive ?? And when I hint at the idea of me dating other guys If we decide to end “things”, he tells me he doesn’t want that… I’m already pretty insecure so this is all just making me really anxious and confused … I want respect. I don’t want to just be a complaint girl waiting around…

What do I do? Should I give him more time/ chance or just call It a day and move on?

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