My friend is dating during lockdowns and I am super impressed by his zoom dates!

13th March 2021 Hi folks, I’m luckily in a relationship and have just 1 friend who is successfully dating at the moment. And I had to share it!

I live in Ireland and we have a 5km distance limit for journeys since the start of November bar 2 weeks at Christmas.

My friend, let’s call him John, has taken the distance limits off his tinder, bumble etc (widened the catchment area).

He has matched people on the apps and then after getting the hellos and a few interest in common asks them on a zoom date. He said it is super easy to get the date because either can leave any time if it sucked. He’s now dating a girl for a month now and all going well.

Date 1: Some drinks or both have dinner and some drinks. Over zoom!

Date 2: Both try and cook the same new recipe at the same time during the date and then experience it together. Over Zoom.

Date 3: Now that they know some of their likes and dislikes (about food) they each arrange a take away to be delivered to each other. So John gets a mystery take away from a local and so does the girl. Genius!

Future dates a mix of dinner / drinks / chats. He’s had a coffee date, lunch date, movie date all remotely.

Anyway, just thought I would share. If I was single, I would totally be copying him!

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