My boyfriend bought my sister a Polaroid camera and it made me emotional

My sister recently turned 16 and my (21) boyfriend (22) told me he bought her a Polaroid camera and film because he thought she’d love it.

Little did he know she’s been wanting one for almost 4 years now. My emotionally abusive ex had a Polaroid camera and she learned of their existence on a day he promised to take me out to lunch but we ended up doing a mall trawl for film he needed instead. That was when she told me she also wants a Polaroid camera one day because she loved the aesthetic.

This distant memory resurfaced when my bf mentioned the Polaroid camera and it made me a bit emotional when I thought about the calibre of this man I’m with now vs my ex. My sister had a blast taking pictures on her birthday and quickly filled up an album. Don’t ever settle. The right person spreads infectious happiness.

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