My best friend told me he loves me!

I (f/28), have had a helpless crush on my best friend (m/29) for years. The timing has never been right for us. When I ended things with my last bf, my best friend was very supportive. We talk and message one another throughout the day, all day, everyday. We started making excuses to see each other. I started staying at his house for periods of time. He knows how I feel about him, but he’s always tells me he’s happy doing his own thing. This past week, he’s been extra sweet, calling me cute little names, showering me in compliments, he even kissed me a few times (kissing is for relationships for him). Last night, we’re kissing, and he hold me face and tells me he loves me! I could have died!!!! I was/still am so convinced that this is not real life!!! He told me he’s very happy to be with me and spend time with me. And he feels so much better having said it to me.

Again, I know this will probably be silly to a lot of people, but I’m so happy to have the best guy I’ve ever met!! And I just wanted to share that with people.

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