Moving in with a partner is hard. Don’t do it unless you are willing to give up your privacy and sacrifice your time.

Moving in with someone is hard work. You are with them mostly 24/7 and there is no break. I live with my partner who works online (zoom) so they never leave the house for work like I do. You know what I miss? Being alone in the house doing nothing. My partner also likes to go out with me all the time but I like going out by myself half the time. You want to stay up and watch the movies or shows you want to watch? Sometimes you can’t because you have movies and shows that you and your partner specifically watch together. I don’t regret moving in with my partner but it is hard. It has shown me that I am a very independent person who wants and value my privacy and alone time. So before you sign a lease with someone/partner, make sure you know what you are in for!

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