Most Women Want Sex To Last THIS Long… (No More, No Less!)

Can Sex Last Too Long? The Shocking Truth (Plus How to Last as Long as You Want In Bed)…

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Hey, what’s up?

This is Ruwando with Gotham Club, and we have another Ask Ruwando question.

This is one is from Drayton who asks:

When I’m having sex, I know, like, a minute is too short, but is there a point where sex gets to be too long for a girl? How long is too long?

Great question, Drayton, and I think it’s a thing that many men don’t think about.

So today, I want to show you the truth about how long you should really last in bed.

No bulls*it, no beating around the bush.

So let’s get started:

Most Women Want Sex To Last THIS Long… (No More, No Less!)

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Most men think, “Okay. A minute’s too short, so longer is better. Let me last forever. Let me last so long that she’s raw and chafing.”

No, that’s not going to be pleasurable.

The thing is–and I think this is actually a perception of most people in society–they think that more is always better because people have a scarcity mindset.

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This applies to dating. A lot of guys are like, “Okay. Having sex with no women is bad, so let me have sex with a million women.”

They have sex over and over to the point of sex addiction. And they’re not even enjoying it.

I’m saying this just because, when it comes to everything, there’s no case where more is always better. And especially when it comes to sexual stimulation.

Most Women Want Sex To Last THIS Long… (No More, No Less!)

The Bizarre Reason Why More Isn’t Always Better In Bed…

There’s always a resonant amount of sensation that is the ideal amount.

It’s going to be different every situation.

Sometimes, a three-minute quickie is the hottest, sexiest thing. And if you let that quickie go on to 10 minutes, it’s actually going to feel like too long.

Sometimes, it’s not going to feel good. Maybe 45 minutes, an hour, two hours is the thing that actually feels good.

Maybe you want to have a marathon session, but learning to note the difference is important. And it comes down to the same exact skill.

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You may have heard me bring up the term “resonant stroke” in other videos. In any sexual situation, there’s a resonant speed, pressure, and location that allows the most sensation to occur.

It’s true in kissing. It’s true in intercourse, and it’s true on a macular level when it comes to the whole sexual experience.

Here’s what I mean:

Most Women Want Sex To Last THIS Long… (No More, No Less!)

How To Find the “Resonant Stroke” That Makes Sex More Pleasurable For Both Of You (Regardless Of How Long You Last)…

During sex, there’s an amount of time that is ideal.

The most important skill you want to cultivate is having enough attention to know when the resonant stroke… when things are resonant.

I just mentioned the quickie versus the marathon session.

The only way to know which one you should go for, is you have to be able to feel for it.

I tell guys to really pay attention to the moment-to-moment sensation.

If you noticed that the sensation was really high at one point, and then a minute later, it’s gone… that means you should have changed things up beforehand.

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So maybe change positions. Maybe change your speed. Or maybe pause and do something else.

If you’re going to have sex for two hours, it doesn’t mean you have to be inside of her and have intercourse the entire time.

Maybe you pull out. Maybe you cuddle. Or maybe you talk.

Maybe she does down on you. Maybe you go down on her.

You want to be able to go with the notes.

Most Women Want Sex To Last THIS Long… (No More, No Less!)

It’s Just Like Playing a Piece Of Music…

It’s just like playing a piece of music.

It’s not just about learning all the notes and just playing it as fast as you can or just going from playing the entire composition really loud and really fast the whole time.

Sometimes, there are pauses. Sometimes, there’s rest. And sometimes, there’s an interlude.

With any piece of music, we know that there are points where you have to pause–where you have to move on.

Sometimes, for a certain kind of music, two minutes is perfect.

Maybe a punk rock song, you don’t want to listen to it for 10 minutes straight. Whereas a piece of classical music, having two minutes might be weird because there’s no crescendo.

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It’s the same exact thing when it comes to sex.

You want to learn how to feel these things, really know it. Because if you can understand what makes music good, you can understand what makes sex good.

At the end of the day, no matter how long you last in bed… there’s one thing you can do during sex to REALLY take her over the edge…

Here’s what it is:

Most Women Want Sex To Last THIS Long… (No More, No Less!)

How To TRULY Satisfy the Women You Sleep With (No Matter How Short Or Long You Last)…

In some cases lasting for too long can be far worse than blowing your load too soon…

But you know what?

When you’ve got a girl naked and on top of you in bed… there’s a real easy way to figure out if you’re lasting as long (or short) as she needs:

At the point you’ve blown your load… has she had at least one or two orgasms?

If the answer is no…you’ve not lasted long enough.

So how can you fix this little problem?

Simple… give her a variety of orgasms while you’re f*cking her. As long as you’ve helped her climax, she isn’t going to care how long you’ve lasted.

(There are 3 in particular that are really powerful.)

If you give a woman ANY kind of orgasm she’ll be happy, and probably come back for more…

But if you give her 3 different kinds?

She’ll be PUTTY in your hands.

There will be absolutely no boredom… just sheer ecstasy, for as long as you can keep it up.

You’ll make her addicted to your touch, and keep her coming back, every day of the week aching to get her fix…

And it’s a lot easier to pull off than you might think:

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