Men who have actually had relationships, what did you say/how did you act that led to you having a woman show interest in you?

I see a lot of men on here who claim to be 100 percent convinced they will be single forever due to a shortcoming on their part. For this reason, that reason or another reason they have decided women are so judgemental that they will never give men like them a chance. And to be honest, I myself struggle with loneliness as well. For a quick example, I’m 29, very attractive, and above all, humble. I didnt get my first gf until 27, I had to break up with her and have been single since, with the only women I’ve been able to attract being the morbidly obese…I know my looks arent the problem, it’s my game. (Or complete lack thereof) I recently listened to a lecture that talked about how the only way to get a woman interested in you is to build tension and be flirtatiously upfront with your attraction. It makes sense to me, until I realized that I have almost no experience in attracting even average looking women. (Let’s forget how shallow I sound, you would understand if you knew me and the women I’m talking about.) All of this being said…………Men who can attract women, how do you act to attract these women that so many men seemingly incapable of doing, and what would you suggest to men who are struggling through a life devoid of intimacy?

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