Liked this girl for 3 years but I finally woke up today

I had a crush on this girl for like 3 years now and I always couldn’t get rid of my feelings for her even though I tried multiple times.

Today, though, she and her friends accused me of spreading rumours about her that makes her look bad. Now I have no idea what she is talking about so someone is pulling strings on the inside for some reason.

The funny thing is that I have never actually talked about her to anyone I know, even my friends, so I know for a fact that someone is making this up. We rarely text or talk so this is just very surprising. Apparently she thinks she’s the centre of the universe and I have time to go around talking bad stuff about her.

But this was a wake up call. She demanded an in person apology after I decided to be a man and just apologize so I could get this drama over with but demanding an in person apology for something I didn’t do was just out of line. So now I am leaving her on delivered and I can finally say that I shut that girl in the past and moved on with my life. This might be a blessing to be honest.

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