Life Lesson: Being Single Is Not All That Bad

I know this may come off a bit native, but being single isn’t all that bad. This upcoming Saturday, March 13, it’ll be 12 years of me becoming single; sure the first months/years were difficult, but I really got to focus on myself.

I developed great friendships with five people that I consider family: 4 males/brothers and 1 female/sister and each of them have told me they hold me in that regard; 3 of the males I’ve known for 16+ years and the other for 14+ years; the female going on 7+ years now.

I purchased a home, have two vehicles, got my Associate’s, Bachelor’s Degree and got accepted into a Master’s program last month, got out of debt, helped my family with their finances and become a better person. I’ve traveled via plane and vehicle to different countries, states and cities. I’ve attended music festivals and ventured into different parts of the world I may have not if it wasn’t for being single.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my encounters with women that it could’ve been, but it just didn’t come to fruition based on what both of us wanted, or it just could not work. There are regrets, failures, success, sadness, hurting, happiness, etc. But what has made me keep pushing is that I can do it! Sure it would’ve been great to have the success with a girlfriend by my side, but I’ve come to terms that it it’s not time yet.

So for many of you, myself included, keep going and don’t let that one person and/or people that’s not a part of our dating life anymore (past and present) define it as a failure, but rather as you as a person, is meant for bigger things in life!

Hopefully this will inspire some of you because I know how hard dating can be, but being 12 years single has defined who I am today, and for that I wouldn’t trade that for anything!

Take care friends!

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