Ladies playing hard to get is just attracting the wrong guys

Guys who have careers and prioritize their life won’t chase a potential partner who is showing very fickle levels of interest no matter how hard they are crushing or feeling for the girl. A guy with self-respect and integrity will take this as a clear sign she isn’t nearly as interested in him and maybe it’s not the best match. Even decent guys with just self-esteem issues probably won’t pursue, but will just feel bad and frustrated and put themselves down.

The kind of guys that do pursue you are ones that have an abundance of time and probably an abundance of women. You’re no longer a human being they are trying to connect with but an object they are trying to acquire or a challenging game they are trying to beat. Trust me guys love shiny objects and challenges, but the decent guys don’t treat human beings like objects or games even if the women are potentially portraying themselves as such that’s why they move on to healthier options.

Do you do it to weed out the guys looking for an easy lay? Well guess what?? These guys are still getting laid by other women and are in no rush. You are just that bonus that’s inevitably going to happen if you keep playing their game.

Also yes roles can be reversed, but traditionally, culturally(in western society), and statistically men do the pursuing and initiating and this is directed at the majority. Women pursuing men have their own unique qualities and that’s not the point of this post.

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