Keeping Sober During Quarantine

Whether you’re newly sober or several years into Recovery, the Covid-19 Quarantine restrictions have thrown all of us into trauma and turmoil. Your regular Recovery Support can’t meet with you normally and Social Media is inundated with peeps posting about stocking up on alcohol and jesting about excessive drinking like that’s the norm for responding to massive stress. How are you to be keeping sober during Quarantine? Read on to learn several resources to support your unique Getting and Keeping Sober in Quarantine journey.

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First off, who the Hell am I to write about Sobriety in Quarantine? First, I’m living it and doing it, keeping sober during quarantine without actually being whatsoever tempted or enticed by the alcohol.

A little about my Sobriety Journey and My Keeping Sober in Quarantine:

I’m Sober myself over 2.25 years (Feb 2018). And while I do it without AA, I’ve been around the rooms of AA and Al-Anon since I was 17 years old when my late father got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m a professional Executive Life Coach practicing since 1994 in the early days of professional coaching in one of the nativity cities, San Francisco. I’m also a Hypnotherapist of many years. I was so decimated with my Alcohol Addiction and Abuse that I was jaundiced when the Ambulance took me to the Hospital because I was so wrecked physically I literally could not walk 3 steps into the living room.

Yes, despite still to this day so few women in AA Meetings, women can be as addicted to alcohol as can men. I certainly was. I would still describe myself as addicted. However, I’m free of it and have been since Day 1 for. Accelerating to what is called Happy, Joyous, and Free in AA certainly is possible as is the need for a stalwart Mountaineering Guide to walk alongside you, steady you, and provided professional step-by-step guidance for what to do and what to avoid to get sober and move into empowered recovery. The years and months of struggle are optional.

Enough about my qualifications, I do specialize with Mentor Coaching with Women including in getting and keeping sober and rebuilding a new and transformed life, free from Alcohol. If you’re feeling stressed out from all of the restrictions and economic obstacles thrown at us during the quarantine time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, you’re not alone. I have relatives (it’s their business to share about their Sobriety. They are and happily so.) who have been doing Online AA Meetings. That works for them. God bless. This is for the rest of you where you just felt AA didn’t quite do it for you or where Alcoholics Anonymous didn’t resonate. Welcome. This is for you!

Keeping Sober During Quarantine: Use a Variety of Resources to Support You

The paradigm shift which has been going mainstream in the past 10 years and of which I’ve been a part for over 30 years is we need an Integrative Wellness Approach that speaks to and uses in an interwoven manner a Holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit approach from the start. Accessing and utilizing your Emotional Brain and Transpersonal Mind from the very beginning is essential. Using any of these Holistic Modalities while assist you in your keeping sober during quarantine.

EFT Tapping Session to Keep Sober in Quarantine

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique is a practical and non-invasive method to stimulate your Meridian System. It’s become more popularly dubbed Tapping and those who practice it call ourselves jestingly Tappers. Tapping can be done readily at home in isolation. You can join my Facebook Lives where I do it and demonstrate it. It’s an integrative health technique which your more Holistic Therapists may do with you during a Therapy Session with your Hypnotherapist or Psychotherapist. Started by a Stanford Engineer, I first started practicing it and teaching it to my clients years ago when I lived right next door to Stanford University.

Guide Meditation

Guided Meditation and Visualization has always been my favorite style of Meditation. You actually listen to a skilled practitioner to guide your unconscious mind in a way which is empowering and connecting. Click here for my free gift of a short quick and easy Guided Meditation for your enjoyment and relaxation.


Pure Meditation really is the Empty Your Mind and Open style of Meditation. With my Human Design as a Manifestor where it turns out Manifestor’s Brains never shut off and are perpetually On, I don’t care for that so much. Secondarily, for the struggling with Sobriety Stage folks, which, in AA can last for over 20 years, I don’t recommend this style because your brain when “emptied” reverts to the Automatic Habits of the Unconscious Mind. And the way it is right now, your Automatic isn’t supporting your wellness.


Yoga is awesome to do during the Quarantine and anytime because it gets your body moving in a gentle way and supports your soul essence at the same time. Please, please, please, during the Quarantime, do Yoga remotely. I love places like YogaWorks which is leader in Yoga as well as local Yoga Instructors you may be acquainted with. If you need a personal recommendation, just opt in for this email gifts and reply with your request for a recommended Yoga Teacher. As the Founder for the Newport Beach Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and a leading Holistic Life Mentor, I know several wonderful Yoga leaders.


Telemedicine Therapy

Find a good quality Therapist who will meet with you virtually right now. Psychotherapy is different than Coaching activated by Hypnotherapy. Psychotherapy is trained to look at the Depression and Anxiety from the Past underneath a lot of Alcohol Abuse. In addition, and this is outside of the scope of my Coaching work, some percentage of folks suffering from Alcohol Addiction have MH Mental Health Issues and diagnoses. Be sure to phone ahead and briefly interview your potential therapist for their having a supportive and encouraging approach to Alcohol Addiction.

Virtual Faith Community Services

Whether you are Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Spiritual, or Catholic, some body and congregation in your faith community is holding virtual services. Connect with them. Search them out over at Facebook. Personally message your Rabbi. Tell her you are newly Sober and want to be sure to stay connected with your Faith Community during this trying time.

Practice Self-Love

Affirmations and Oils

I like to active the affect on the Unconscious Mind and Physiology of Affirmation by using CPTG Essential Oils, not any Essential Oil. In the CliftonStrengths Assessment, I’m a Maximizer and I care deeply about the different between just Good and World Class. Because anything less can have advertise affects and mislead you unbeknownst that Essential Oils don’t really do anything. The CPTG Oils are pure, potent and effective.Using the CPTG Oils engages more layers of ourselves and feeds Natural Wellness Resources into our Body for rewiring our mind, body and spirit.

I am not in love with AA. AA was great for many years and helped move much of the world into accepting Alcohol Addiction not as a sign of personal weakness. However, there are a number of problems with it. As a Professional Mentor Coach for Women, I have devised a Break Through to Freedom Accelerator Program which expedites the lengthy growth and release from struggling and white-knuckling process which so many folks addicted to alcohol struggle for a long time. We do this in a manner which is empowering and elevating to the Human Spirit and body.

If that’s of interest to you, I offer a free 40 Minute Consultation to learn more about it and apply to it should we be a good fit. Click here to get your own Guided Meditation and get started to book your consultation time.

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Most people struggling with Alcohol Addiction really do need a strong rock and mountain of a Mountaineering Guide to guide them clearly and strongly in their first 90 Days and first year in recovery so they get to where you actually begin to thrive.

You were born to live a thrilling life of impact and thriving. Not caught up perpetually in the web of addiction nor just living the same mundane or ho-hum life, only not getting drunk. If that resonates with you, opt in here to get started in booking your consultation and enjoy the free gift Guided Meditation.

You’re here to break free and step into your magnificent Higher Self. In the new paradigm emerging, that’s now possible. Imagine the marvelous possibilities!

Cheers and blessings,

April Braswell, MCLC, CHt

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