“Just being confident” when you’re ugly is EXHAUSTING AS HELL

“Just being confident” when you’re ugly is EXHAUSTING AS HELL

I know this is unpopular because redditors believe that confidence is the solution to everything

And in many ways it is, but fuck me, not in romance lol.

Why do I feel like I have to constantly keep up a performance to try and attract someone?

Being hot is effortless, people are drawn to you naturally and you don’t need to do anything.

To keep people interested when you’re ugly takes insane amounts of sustained, exhausting effort that frankly starts to feel pointless after a while, because you have to fiercely fight their LACK of physical interest in you with creative, engaging demonstrations of your personality, ie having to constantly be “performing” so to speak.

That’s all that romance is as an ugly person. A constant, blood stained, sweating, shitting, bleeding, painful battle against people’s lack of physical attraction to you, and trying so fucking hard to replace that disinterest with interest in your personality

The thing is, a good looking face is effortlessly attractive. A good personality? That takes a long time to discover and requires prerequisite interest in the first place before you can demonstrate what kind of person you are.

I just want to relax man, not feel a sense of impending doom that if I don’t go out there and constantly try my hardest to be charming, interesting, funny, knowledgeable, earn 6 figures, be 6 feet tall and keep a full head of hair, that I’m gonna die alone because I slowed down to take a break in the insane rat race this whole romance thing is

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