i’ve been ghosted before, but NOT this bad

This happened about a year ago but I just have to share this experience cause I still cannot believe to this day that someone can do this to someone else.

I (then 24F) met a guy (23? M) on Hinge and instantly hit it off. I have a dog and so does he, so our first date we went to the dog park with our dogs. The first red flag was that our dogs didnt get along (both males, mine is nuetured but his wasnt so I think thats why). We brought wine in mugs and stayed at the dog park til sunset. We went over to my house after (the dogs started getting along) and watched a movie! He pulled a move and we start making out and he tries to go for more but I said no cause this was the first time meeting and he was fine with that.

The next time we hung out we went out to eat together and had a great time. I caved in and slept with him after cause things were going SO well. He even picked me up from work a few days later which was super nice cause I was bartending and got out around midnight and I hate taking the train home that late or paying for an expensive Uber.

We made more plans to hangout, he was gonna pick me up from work on Friday night, sleep over, and then we were gonna go out for a hike with the dogs on Saturday. I told him I would be out of work at 11:30pm. We were texting through out my shift and things seemed normal. 11:30pm comes and I’m outside the bar waiting for him. He texted me saying “almost there” and then a few minutes “here”. He was no where. I called him, no answer. I texted him, no answer. Called him again, no answer. So I start thinking oh maybe he got pulled over or something. 12pm comes and hes still not here like he said. I knew what his car looked like and he knew where my bar was located cause he’s picked me up before. I ended up just ubering home cause I wasn’t gonna wait around in the middle of the city at midnight. I called him again when I got home and no answer.

So here I am thinking something happened to him but I feel bad blowing up his phone cause I dont wanna be annoying but like what the actual fuck dude. I never heard from him at all Saturday but I saw he was on snapchat and posted to his IG story. I ended up messaging him on Sunday saying how hurt I was and how disrespectful that is to do to someone. He responded with “I’m not doing this anymore, please stop contacting me” which I completely did not understand but I’m not gonna waste my effort on someone who doesnt want to talk to me.

That was the last I heard of him. Fast forward to now, I’m in a happy and healthy relationship with the love of my life(28M). Apparently he still follows me on IG cause a few weeks ago he messaged me apologizing and wanted to explain what happened. I told him thank you for apologizing but I dont need an explanation cause its in the past and am over it now. He then said “so it looks like youre not single anymore?” i replied “yes i’m dating someone now!” and he claimed he was jealous but “good luck”. I told him he had his chance he then he said “well give me another”. I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD and said no.

It’s really funny to think back on this now cause its like, how does someone even DO that to someone else???? We all have our demons and deal with our own shit, but you should still have some respect for others. People can’t read your mind. Communication is key. It was so discouraging at the time, I kept wondering what I did wrong or what I couldve done more or less of. I realized (after a long time) I wasnt the problem, he was.

So to any of you who are soooo over dating and being ghosted and disrespected, HANG IN THERE! Obviously easier said than done but your time will come for love.

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