It’s okay to grieve someone you never officially dated

I took a class today on grief and loss, and there was a huge realization that we often disenfranchise grief not related to death such as losing a job, losing your belongings, or losing hopes/expectations you had for yourself. This made me think a lot about how I and probably a lot of you have stopped or even judged yourself for not getting over someone you never were in a relationship with. Please know that your feelings are valid. It’s okay to be upset or angry over losing the imagined life you could have had with this person.

Regardless of the reason things ended, loss is loss and life transitions like these are emotionally heavy. And no matter how long you’ve been grieving for, it’s totally normal! I emphasize this because here I am grieving someone I casually saw for a few months thinking that it was dumb for me to be upset in the first place, but there is peace in acknowledging your feelings and finally moving on when you’re ready. My dating pool has not run dry simply because I am no longer ‘with’ this person. Hope this serves as a good reminder for someone 🙂

Edit: thank you all for sharing your experiences and for the awards! It’s amazing to read how similar and familiar all of our stories are. You’re amazing and take care always

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