it’s okay to feel sad after a breakup, even if you were the one who initiated it.

exactly what the title says. it’s okay to breakup with someone and be confident in your decision while simultaneously feeling a sense of sadness or loss. we’re often expected to be indifferent or overjoyed after we end things with someone. for whatever reason you may have ended things, whether that was due to there being no compatibility/chemistry or one person not being or dont consider themselves in a stable enough place emotionally, mentally or financially to maintain whatever your standards or needs you have, it’s okay if you have a few moments to not exactly be happy about it. it’s usually in times of feelings not being reciprocated or intentions for dating not matching one another. we are human, social creatures. just because we may realize a ride with someone is over doesnt mean we dont still cherish whatever cool pit stops we discovered along the way. two things can be true at once. we can be confident in our decision while still acknowledging that we made the best one we thought with ourselves and the others best interest in mind. it can still tug on our heart strings even if it’s just a very light pull. dont let people tell you that you cant or that it’s wrong. humans and our emotions are multifaceted and complex. it’s okay to accept and acknowledge that.

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